Debian Edu 9 OS Skolelinux Lands as a Complete Linux Solution for Your School – Debian Stretch Education Linux Skole

We have already a small article on Debian Edu 9 Stretch. Based on it, Debian 9 Edu / Skolelinux has been released. This GNU/Linux is aimed to serve the needs of students & schools. The release has many preinstalled Plymouth, Nagois & other tools.

Edubuntu – SkoleLinux 9 Education Linux

In the Last post wee have told you about the stable release of GNU Linux distribution Debian 9. The name is given upon Toy Story’s character i.e. Stretch. But here we are talking about the Debian Edu 9 which is made for education purpose.
After Debian 9 was released , The Debian Edu distribution which is called SkoleLinux has also released by a new version i.e. Debian Edu 9. It is helpful for students & schools who wish to install server for working in collaboration.

Edubuntu - Education Linux SkoleLinux
Edubuntu – Education Linux SkoleLinux

New features of Debian 9 Edu / Skolelinux?

Debian Edu or Skolelinux is based on Stretch, it comes with new features & other updated packages. There are various pre-installed applications in the Debian Edu version that makes it a complete a full package.
The important & most highlighted features of Debian 9 Edu Stretch

  • Except for main server & minimal profiles, plymouth is installed & activated by default.
  • The default monitoring tool is Nagios.
  • LTSP now uses NBD for the root file system.
  • Japanese translation manual is available.

Download Debian 9 Edu Stretch Р Skolelinux Download

Debian 9 Edu is available in multiple architectures as Debian 9 Stretch. The link to download network booting & extended images is given here.
If you are already using Debian Edu 8, then please follow the link & read all the instructions.
If you download the new Debian 9 Edu, then please provide your experiences with us. Write a comment to let us know.

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