How to use Facebook Cover picture & Profile picture to create an impressive combination

This article is written to tell you about a website that helps you to combine Facebook cover & profile picture & put on your timeline to create some combinations.

Facebook is one of most used social networking website. No wonder social network is synonymous to Facebook. The number of users that Facebook has is largest in comparison to any other social site. Due to the great number of users on Facebook ,Facebook always provide something new to the users. The always changing features used in Facebook tends to attract the users in its network.

Combine Facebook cover & profile picture

You can combine the Cover photo & profile picture of your Facebook to create a single banner. This looks very impressive to the visitors . If you want to do this manually, you will not be able to do it or it will take too much time. Here I am going to tell you about a trick which can do this easily.
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How to Combine Facebook cover & profile picture

Here we are writing how you can combine Facebook cover & profile picture to create a master piece. We are going to do this by a website.

combine Facebook cover & profile picture
combine Facebook cover & profile picture

  • First of all go to this website i.e.
  • Scroll the webpage & you find a option “Merge profile picture and cover photo”.
  • As you click on it, cover photo needs to be uploaded or import from Facebook.
  • Once the picture will be input to it, a preview for the profile picture & cover will be shown to you.
  • If you find it useful then you can download it to your PC.
  • Download both of them & put it to your Facebook profile & cover.
  • Now you will find a nice banner on on timeline.

Precisely , using these steps, this task can be done very easily & in less time. You can share this information with your friends & let them know how you have done this.
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