How to prevent your smartphone from being hacked by anyone

Hacking is one of the most controversial & fearful topic in the field of computer science. Now hacking is not just limited to computer. Hacking is now went on to smartphone. If a hacker gains access to your smartphone, he can easily check your back account, emails, messages & every other details that is inside your we will talk how you can prevent prevent smartphone hacking.

Prevent Smartphone Hacking

The privacy concern in a smartphone has become so secure that a terrorist in the London attack has used WhatsApp before the bomb blast. A government hacker has tried to hack iPhone so that any lead for the San Bernardino Attack can be known.
While the above was an example of some big issues. Here we should know how a common man can prevent smartphone hacking. The personal information of a common man is not a big deal. The interesting aspect of those people is money. The bank details of a person can be used to steal money or reset your password.
So if you want to be safe from such attacks then you should be aware of such methods that will make you safe from a hacking attack.
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Keep your Phone Updated

To prevent smartphone hacking, your smartphone must be updated with all the services & apps as soon the updates come in the App store or Play store. The outdated version has vulnerability that are known to hacker & he can gain access to your phone very easily.

Lock your Smartphone with a 6 digit password

Using a password of four digit is easily guessed. You should use a six digit password. The password of six digit is less prone to be hacked. A six digit password has more combinations than a four digit password.

Avoid using free Wi-Fi in the public places.

Everybody likes to use free Wi-Fi in the public place. But you will be shocked to know some of those public Wi-Fi are traps for the people to reveal their details. If you still need to use a public Wi-Fi then you must restrict your activities on your phone. Don’t make any banking activity or check e-mail. Doing this higher your chance to get your details exposed by you. So beware while using public Wi-Fi.

prevent smartphone hacking
prevent smartphone hacking

Keep your Bluetooth off in the public use

You should switch off your Bluetooth in the public which most of us don’t. This could be a lead for a hacker.  So please switch off your Bluetooth so that nothing such could happen.

Track your Smartphone

You should know how to act if your phone is lost or stolen. So what you need to worry about is data. You should know how to erase data remotely.
You must know how to erase your data & track your phone. I mean you should know how to use location services provided by Apple & android. For apple you access it by iCloud website. Go to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone. This can be done into an Android phone too. You can track it with Android Device Manager. There are several other apps that can be used to track your phone. You can download it from Play store.

Install Apps from Play store or App Store

Always install apps from first vendor of the platform. First platform means Play Store or Apple store. There is a big possibility if you download an app from a third party vendor, then the app could be a malware or ransom-ware. So please avoid them.

Make sure the passcodes are safe

The password for every must be different. This could be a little annoying for anyone, but from the security this is best. If you put a single password for all the apps there is higher chance of being hacked. If that password is known by the hacker than he will get the access to all the apps of your phone.
Another thing which I want to say is that do not depend on Auto-fill passwords. Instead of that you should be using a password manager. Password manager will create a master password that invoke any login for any app.

Lock every App

The more safe practice you make, you are safer from being hacked. You should be using lock for every app, as every app will be locked the difficulty to hack the phone become high.
If you have an Android then please use a lock app that can lock all your sensitive apps. If you have an iPhone then you should download a free lock app from App store that will help to secure all the apps.

Look inside your Phone

You must be aware about all the process that happens in the background so that you can know if any un-trusted application that can be harmful for you. For this you can install ‘LogDog’ in your computer. This application is available in Android & iPhone.
After you install LogDog you have to give all the permissions for it from Gmail & Facebook. This app will continuously examine all the apps & will give you a notification for any suspicious activity in any application.

Review all the apps on your phone

After you have installed all the apps in your phone from a trusted device. Still there is a need for review of all the apps. You should use an anti-virus that can help you to review all the apps.
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So friends that is enough for now. I know it’s a long article to read but all the information is too useful for anyone to prevent smartphone hacking. Please write a comment if you liked the article. Subscribe us or like us on Facebook so that you can updates from us. Thank You.

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