How to install windows 10 on raspberry Pi 3 – Cortana now supports with Raspberry Pi 3 for Windows 10 IoT Core

In the Windows 10 Creator Updates, Microsoft has included the cortana support (cortana support raspberry pi 3) in the various single board  like Raspberry Pi 3 and MinnowBoard MAX. Now Lot devices can add microphone & speakers in Raspberry Pi with Cortana support.

Cortana Support Raspberry Pi 3 Windows 10 desktop

The Windows 10 creator updates are to be released this week. A update of Cortana is now compatible with Raspberry Pi.
Raspberry Pi is a development board that runs on Linux. I have written a separate post for Raspberry Pi, if you want to know more about Raspberry Pi. Raspberry also supports Windows as Windows 10 loT Core. In the Windows 10 creator updates , Cortana is also included in Creators Update for the IoT Core.
Now using Cortana developers can build smart devices. The device will now be able to accept voice commands too.

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To work as a voice processor Cortana requires a microphone & speaker. For this Microsoft ha tested a number of hardware like logitech S150 USB Speakers, Blue Microphones Snowball iCE Condenser  Microphone / Cardioid, Microsoft LifeCam HD 3000, and Sound Tech CM-1000USB.

cortana support raspberry pi 3
cortana support raspberry pi 3

Single Board devices that support Windows 10 IoT Core – Raspberry Pi 3 Windows 7

Windows 10 IoT Core is compatible with other development boards other than Raspberry Pi. The other board for which Windows 10 IoT Core is compatible are

  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Raspberry Pi 2 v1.1 boards and earlier.
  • MinnowBoard MAX
  • DragonBoard 410c
  • Intel commercialization devices
  • Qualcomm based devices

To setup Cortana , you have to install Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard.

Requirement to Setup Cortana

  • Your device should be connected to internet.
  • User should have hotmail account with them.
  • User have to sign in to their Hotmail account for the installation.
  • A display hardware is required.
  • A microphone and speaker compatible with cortana.
  • Check the Microsoft Speech Platform Specification.

Steps to configure Cortana in Raspberry Pi 3 – Windows 10 Raspberry Pi download

  1. Install Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard.
  2. Flash your device with correct image. To know the method click here.
  3. Install Update.
  4. Set Up the Peripherals.
  5. Launch Cortana.
  6. Sign in with MSA.

To read this process in detail you can read the whole process from here.
Cortana can be customized by the developers. It can be used in the relevant applications, websites, services and bots.Voice Command Definition application can also be written by OEM that alows to add new commands in Cortana device.
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