Facebook Users are getting friend request from thier friends who died a time before

Facebook users have reported that they are receiving request from the people who are already dead from a long time. If you receive Dead Men friend request, will you be scared or not??

People reports Dead Men friend request

Yes , many users have reported Facebook about a new problem. Many of them have received a friend request form dead people. Do you imagine how this can happen?. Is there a way a dead person is using their Facebook account. No never. This is actually done by cyber criminals or spammers. Many people create a clone account of many people. This activity is a serious cyber crime.
Many of you may ask, what is benefit of creating a fake account of a person. Many spammer use these fake accounts to send request to concern person’s friend. Those people who receive the request thinking that the person has re-added him or create new account for him. But this account is actually operated by the spammer.
Now what happen after a few day when all the information in the Facebook Account is filled by the person,cyber criminal will start accessing your information & type of relation that you have with the Account Holder.

Dead Men friend request
Dead Men friend request

It’s all about Online Fraud 

As after he will analyze the person’s friend then they will select a victim for the online fraud. After all the information gathering is done, the person will try to fraud you. One day you will get a message by this fake account asking for some money. Its like he is stucked somewhere & he is out of money. The message will provide you an account number asking to transfer money on the same. As you transfer the money in sake of friend’s help.
The whole process to make a fake account is complete. As the person will receive money, he will delete the account & enjoy with the money he gets. Sometimes in a special case , the person has already died & the criminal has no knowledge about it. In that case he does his work of sending friend requests. But his friends know about the death. In that case we suggest you not to be scared & just repost about the account as fake.
You can follow the link from here. You just need fill the necessary information & report about the fake account & the account will be closed after the review by Facebook.
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