How to delete Facebook account permanent immediately – FB Profile delete option

delete facebook permanent account link immediately through phone and pc in 2018 
This article will tell you how to delete Facebook account permanently from your mobile right now. If you search these keywords ( Facebook account delete option, account, delete my Facebook account right now, how to delete Facebook account permanently immediately, how to delete Facebook account permanently without waiting 14 days) on Internet, then your search is complete now.

Delete Facebook Account from Mobile or Laptop permanently Immediately

Facebook account can be deleted permanently from the internet. Sometimes we want to delete the Facebook account forever. Most of us don’t know about how your Facebook account can be deleted. You must have heard about deactivating it, but soon or later we reactivate the account & stuck under it again. Read the following content to know how you can delete Facebook account.

how to delete facebook account permanently immediately
how to delete facebook account permanently immediately

Facebook is the biggest social network platform in the world. According to the company it has 1.13 billion active users per day. Lot of us update our daily life events & other information on the Facebook. Facebook is used to connect with old friends & to know about them. Sometimes we get addicted in the social giant that we want to get rid of it. This will help us to go in real world.
If you ever thought of deleting facebook account permanently & you don’t know about it , then you must read the whole article so that you will be able to do it now. After deleting your account you can enjoy the rest of your life. Before you delete facebook account , we notify you that you should download your facebook data that you have made in so many years. This data may be your photos, videos, messages & other events occurred during the use of facebook.

Before you delete facebook account Backup your facebook data

Read these steps carefully to download the Facebook data before your delete Facebook.

  1. Click on settings.
  2. Now on the left side in general tab , click Download a copy of Facebook data.
  3. Click on Start My Archive.
  4. Enter your Facebook password.
  5. Now click Start My Archive.
  6. After some time , Facebook will send you a notification & link to download your data.

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Steps to delete Facebook account Permanently

  1. Log in to your Facebook account ,you are going to delete.
  2. Click this link
  3. Now click Delete My Account.
  4. After this you will get a grace period of 15 days to cancel the request.
  5. Now you have to be patient for 15 days , so don’t login to your Facebook in the grace period.

Important point to know before you delete Facebook account Immediately

  1. Download your Facebook data before the request of deletion, you won’t get it after the deletion process will be completed.
  2. Your all Facebook data will be deleted after 90 days, but you won’t be able to access it after 15 days.
  3. The messages that you have send to your friends will reside in the chat box. It will be there until they will delete it.

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