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Hello friends, Today I am going to talk about doing YouTube in 2018. After 2009 , YouTube is dominating the Video Industry, Entertainment Industry & many other. YouTube was also used to teach many things which we are not able to know with just an Internet Connection. I am going to tell how to record voice with YouTube cheap mic & free video editor.

YouTube cheap mic YouTube Video editor

There are many things which I learned on YouTube. But this article is not about me, this is a guide for those people who are trying to work on YouTube. Doing YouTube is to make good quality videos, those videos which are educational, entertaining or interesting in some other way. If you can afford a good camera & a good mic then its too good, but what if you can’t. Still you can make good video for YouTube. This article will tell you how you can record a better voice with a YouTube cheap mic & a software that will edit your videos for free (Without using a paid software or crack it in a illegal way).
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YouTube cheap mic Synthesizer

If you are going to use a cheap mic for voice recording then your voice will be recorded with the noise that exist near you. There is a software that will help you to synthesize your voice & remove the noise from the recorded voice. You can download it from here.  The name of this software is audacity, it is a free ware software that is available for all platforms i.e. Windows, Mac or Linux. The software will let you use YouTube cheap mic to record high quality voice output.

Youtube Budget equipments
Youtube Budget equipments

You can use the software by reading the guidelines of this software. There are many other options that can let you change the voice in various modes,. Basically it will let you play with the recorded voice.
Now the problem for recording voice is fixed. Next part is video editing software , from where you will get a free video editing software. In the market of Video editing software , there are many software which are so costly that they can’t be purchased by a Youtuber who has just started. There is not much income for a YouTuber to buy them.

YouTube free video editor

For this problem , there is a free video editing software in market. The name of this free video editor is Hit-film Express. The link for the official website is given here. You can download it from the website. Before you will get the download link , you have to make a registration for free with your E-mail Id. The link to download the software will be received in your mailbox. The link may be placed in your Spam sometimes. Make sure to find it in your spam folder.
Now after both of these software will be downloaded to your PC, there is a lot of problems solved for you. Now you can start your YouTube Channel with confidence.
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