Have your Facebook Been Hacked – How to Know Facebook Account is Hacked ?

Here I am going to tell you a very common problem. How you should know whether your Facebook hacked or not. If you want to learn this then you should read this post & know how you can protect it from being hacked.

Facebook Hacked ? Yes or No!!!! How to Know

Facebook is one the most used website on the Internet. In other words we can say that it is a digital book for every person. There are many things which we can know about someone by just viewing his /her profile.

How do you Know if you got hacked on Facebook

There are many people who try to use your Facebook to harm you or stalk you. These people can be your ex girlfriend/ boy friend business rival , colleague or classmate. So we should keep a strong password for our Facebook Account. Stronger the password, chances of hack goes down.We use our Facebook account to login to various websites. If someone gets the Facebook login details he can create a lot of chaos in our life.

how can you find out who hacked your facebook
how can you find out who hacked your facebook

How to know whether your Facebook Account is hacked or not

Steps to prevent Facebook hack

To know this just Go to Settings> Security > Where you are logged in. This will show all the devices where your account was logged in. If you find any device that is not used by you then you were hacked.
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For this Facebook has given an option to end activity. For safety you can end activity from all devices.
There are many things which you should check if hack is confirmed. First of all check the recently send messages & the status & pictures that are not posted by you. After this check the friend requests , if he sends any friend request to anyone. He can also change the personal info in your profile.
After correcting all these things you have to change the password & enable two way authentication for your account.
The last thing that you should do is go to the help section & type ‘I think my account was hacked or someone is using it without my permission’ & open the link shown.
It will take you to a new page where you will get some tips to secure your Facebook Account.
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