How to create a YouTube Channel in 2018 [Updated] – YouTube Sign Up Create New Account

How to do Youtube Channel management algorithm 2018 
If you are an artist , teacher or some knowledge you have which you want to share with the world then you must be trying to share those things via a good platform. Most of us know about the YouTube world.
If you have already created a YouTube Channel, then check other articles from here.

How to create a New YouTube Channel in 2018 & Make Money [Updated]

YouTube is one of the biggest platform for the video sharing on earth . YouTube is created by Google in order to share your videos with the outer world or may be to a limited number of people. Those who have done You-tube must know that the advertisers & other monetization process has made YouTube channel is a source of income for the Vloggers (Video Loggers or publishers). You can learn here to create a new YouTube channel in 2017.

YouTube Sign Up Create New Account 2018

This articles is for those people who know about YouTube with limited knowledge. Those who are trying to become a youtuber or they have some content that they think can be shared with the world to be useful in any way. The use of the content may for educational or entertainment purpose. Those videos  will be used by people to improve tier knowledge.
Most of us know this but still I am going to write those steps which can be followed to create a new YouTube channel in 2017. I am going to write some other points that should be kept in mind so that your YouTube channel can be made popular & obviously a brand name.

Steps to start a new YouTube Channel in 2018

  • First of all YouTube is a Google product , so need a Google account to create a new YouTube channel in 2017.
  • If you don’t have a Google account then create one.
  • Now go to for registration.
  • Now click on the “Sign In” button on the right top corner.
  • Sign in your Google Account which you like to associate with your YouTube account.
  • Now as you are logged into YouTube with your gmail account.
  • Now click on the profile picture at the top right corner & then click “Settings” icon.

  • A new window will appear , search for “Create a new channel” & click on it.

  • A pop-up will appear which will ask you for the option of either personal or business channel.
  • After this enter the details of channel like Channel name , category & at last click on I Agree to the terms & condition.
  • Your process for YouTube channel creation is complete.

create a new Youtube channel in 2017
create a new Youtube channel in 2017


How to YouTube Account Sign in

  • Go to & click on sign in.
  • Click on create a new account.
  • Fill the details asked for & your new Google account will be created.

Branding your new You-tube channel – YouTube Channel Branding Watermark

If you want to brand your newly created  YouTube channel then you must make a good description for your channel. As any anonymous user comes to your channel then there are three things which will convince his mind to come again to your channel. These are :-

  • Channel Art  :- A channel art is like the cover photo of your Facebook account. The basic difference in this channel art is that it is not used just to show your friends & family. This picture must reflect your channel description. Your channel’s nature will be provided implicitly in the viewer’s mind.

Brand Account YouTube

Read the instructions while creating a you-tube channel art

  1. Minimum size of Channel Art :- 2048 X 1152 px is the maximum size for the picture. If the picture is uploaded in same manner , then all the contents in the picture will be shown in any device.
  2. Maximum size : Maximum size is 2560 X 423 px ,some of the content could be hidden depending on the browser in the different devices.
  3. Size of Channel Art : This must be 4 MB or less.


  • Art :- Now this is like a profile picture of your channel.
  • Channel description : Channel description can be written in 1,000 words. You must be precise in your words. 1,000 words.
  • Channel Icon  : This icon will be shown on every video which you will upload in the channel. Contact some good icon builder so that a good icon can be made for the channel.

You-tube has changed some of their features in 2017. We will be providing the same in the next article. If you have any question or suggestion for us, then you can write a comment for us. Thank You.
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