How to get 1000 Likes on your Facebook Posts – Tricks to Increase Social Network Influence

How to get 1000 likes on facebook profile picture and status without paying money trick

As you share a moment or photo on your Facebook status, the first expectation we have is likes. Everyone wants to get his status & posts liked by every friend of his Facebook profile. Not everyone knows the trick to get all the Facebook post likes .

How to get more Facebook post likes

This article will tell you some methods that will let you know about how you can likes & comments on your Facebook Posts.

The likes & comment you will get on your Facebook post depends on the time you post them. According to studies made by Klout a social media analytics company that examines the social networking nature in various aspects. In their opinion timing is the biggest factor responsible for your posts reaches. Many of you who has thought about this topic must know the game.

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facebook post likes
facebook post likes

Klout has analysed 25 million Facebook posts & 140 million reactions(likes & comment) on those posts. The observation of this data was quite useful. There are some days & some time in a day which gets more likes & comments on your Facebook posts. These are late mornings, early afternoons and late evenings and during certain days of the week (Tuesday and Wednesday). In the above mention times you will get the maximum response by your Facebook friends.

Factors that are responsible for Facebook Post Likes

There are some other factors which are responsible for the response that are your country. That means your culture is based on morning life or night life.

The graph shown above shows how a post becomes viral in the different times of a day & week. Here San Francisco is depicted by red, New York by dotted green, London is dotted blue, Paris is the dotted purple one and Tokyo is shown by a dotted aqua line.

If you are in New York then the best time for you to post a status before noon. 9 am to 10 am is the best time for People in San Francisco. 8 am is a good time in Japan as they start the day early. Time for people in Paris is morning & afternoon.

Overall, afternoon is the most optimal time in every country as suggested by the study of Klout. Tuesday & Wednesday is best day to share the posts as the reach keeps on dropping every day after.

A little difference comes from a student or a working person. If you are college student or a teenager your posts will get more like on late evening to night. Working class people reaches during the day time.

So if you keep the factors in your mind while you are sharing something on Facebook, then your posts reach will be better than others.

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