Top Password recovery tool for Windows 7 in 2019 – Windows 7 Password Reset Tool for Window users

Windows Password recovery Tool
Windows Password recovery Tool

Here we are going to tell you about recovery tool used in Windows PC. If you ever stuck in such situation when you forget the password then you can check this article. Here I am going to tell you the names of some tools by which you can reset Windows password.

Windows Password recovery Tool

As I told you in a previous article that how you can create a backdoor in the Windows PC, in case you need to have a backup. But what if you haven’t installed the windows backdoor yet & there is no clue to recover the password again. If you think there is no way then you need to think again. Here we are going to tell you some password recovery tool for windows that can help you in this situation.

These tools will recover your password & give you the rights to recover the admin access back.

Ophcrack Live CD – Windows Password recovery Tool

Ophcrack is a open source tool for password recovery in Windows. It cracks Windows password using by using LM/NT hashes through rainbow tables. To use this you need a CD disc & another device which can download the software for you.

To do this Follow the steps given

  • Download the software from the official website from the given link i.e. Burn the CD with this software.
  • After the CD is ready , you can put the CD inside the PC which you want to recover. Now boot the PC with the CD.
  • Now it will show you four options
  1. Graphics mode – automatic
  2. Graphics mode – manual
  3. Graphics mode – low RAM
  4. Text mode
  • After this you will a linux interface & your disks will be shown on the screen. Hard disk mount will start automatically. The software uses Brute force attack to crack the password. This can take less or more time depending upon your Password strength.

If your password was too strong then you have to use the paid version for the windows password recovery.

Password Recovery Bundle – Windows Password recovery Tool

Password Recovery Bundle is also an alternative for password recovery in Windows PC. Actually it is a better utility for the same purpose. Using this you can recover password of Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows 10 Mail, Thunderbird, unlock password-protected PST, PDF, Office documents.

To do , follow the steps from here.

  1. Download the software using this link & install it in another PC.
  2. Now open the program & click on Windows Password.
  3. This will open a new window. Now insert a blank CD or USB drive.
  4. Refresh & select the CD/ USB to burn the CD.
  5. Now boot your PC with the USB/CD to recover the password.
  6. You need to change the boot sequence to boot PC from BIOS settings.
  7. Now select Administrator account & click on Reset Password button.
  8. Click Yes to confirm & your Windows admin password will be reset & left in unlock mode.

Now you can login to your Admin account without any password.

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