How to See Someone's Private Facebook Pictures – Bypass Facebook Picture Privacy Settings

There are so many social networking site across the world. But Facebook is one of the biggest among all. Everyone is using Facebook to contact their Family & friends but we have entered so many information on Facebook that we have to put privacy settings too.

How to Bypass Facebook Picture Privacy Settings

Using privacy settings you can easily restrict people from downloading your profile pictures from some people or strangers. But if you are really a privacy concern then this option is not as safe as you think. You can download the Profile picture still if the privacy settings are enabled.

facebook private profile pictures
facebook private profile pictures

How to see someone’s private profile picture in Facebook

There are two methods that you can use to see a private Picture of Facebook

  • Method 1
  • Method 2

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Method 1 to see someone’s private Facebook pictures

  1. Log in your Facebook Account.
  2. Scroll on the profile of person whose picture you want to see.
  3. Right click on the profile picture which you want to see.
  4. Select Copy Image url & copy the link in notepad.
  5. Now edit the url & remove“/hprofile-ak“till “160×160“ from it.

For example url is
Change this to
This will let you download the profile picture in your PC.

Method 2 to see someone’s private Facebook pictures

For this method you need to know the profile id of the person whose picture you want to download.

  • Login to your Facebook & scroll to the profile of that person whose picture you want.
  • In the address bar you will see the profile Id of that person.
  • Now copy the url & cut the profile id from the url , it is totally in numbers.
  • Copy the profile Id into this url “″.
  • Replace the userid with the profile id of that person.
  • With the updated url , you can enter the url in browser & download the picture in full size.

These are two known methods for bypassing the privacy settings of Facebook picture. If you want to use any of them we suggest method 2 for you.
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