How to send Self Destructing emails using your Gmail Account – Self Destruct Email Attachment

Gmail is one of most popular E-mail services that are used worldwide. The interface of Gmail is neat such that you can send & receive an e-mail of any size. The popularity of Gmail is such that Windows & iPhone users also use Gmail after having an outlook mail Id.
Here we are going to talk about Gmail popularity but about the concept of self destruct Email Attachment. Yes you can send someone an e-mail which disappears from the mail box of receiver after they complete reading it.
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If you want to know how you can create an self destruct email Attachment then read the post to its end.

Self Destruct Email Attachment
Self Destruct Email Attachment

How to send Self Destruct Email Attachment

Self Destruct Email Attachment using Mail2Cloud

Its very simple, just follow the steps given below.

  • Install the latest version of Chrome browser in your PC. Open the browser after installing & open Mail2Cloud extension in it.
  • Install Mail2Cloud plugin in your browser & open your Gmail account where you want to send the self destruct email.
  • After you email account is opened , you can click on compose button.
  • As the compose window will be opened , you will a button of Mail2Cloud near the send button.
  • After you wrote the mail, you can set the time of email for the self destruct.
  • Send the email & you are done.

Self Destruct Email Attachment using Snapmail

If you send a self encrypt message with Snapmail, then the recipient will receive a link of message & will self destruct after he reads it.

Steps to use Snapmail

  • Install Snapmail plugin on your chrome browser.
  • Open your Gmail Account & click on compose button.
  • In the compose button you will see a Snapmail icon near the send button.
  • After you prepare the message click on Snapmail button . Now your message is encrypted. The auto destruct time is 60 seconds for the message.
  • Send the message & you are done.

Drawbacks of using Self Destruct Email Attachment

  1. You have to use Chrome browser if you want to compose a self destruct email.
  2. There is no custom time for the self destruct emails. The given time are 1 minute, 1 hour , 1 day & 1 week.

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