How to know who has seen your Facebook profile – Stay Safe From Facebook Stalkers

Facebook has not given any feature to know how many & who is viewing your Facebook Profile. But if you are Facebook user & wants to know about who is viewing your profile then you can do it by using our trick.

Check Facebook Profile Viewer

The First Thing you need to know is the trick works only in Chrome browser & not in any other browsers.

How to Check the name of Viewer of Facebook profile

Steps To check Facebook Viewer

  • Log in to your Facebook Profile.
  • After you logged in , you will be able to see your Homepage. Right click anywhere on your Page & click on View source.
  • A new page will open & will contains all the code. Do not panic after seeing the codes. It’s simple.
  • Press Ctrl + F & write InitialChatFriendsList to find it in the code , press Enter.
  • Now you will see some ID’s of Facebook Profiles.
  • These Ids will be those people’s Id who recently seen your profile.
  • Now copy all the Facebook Id’s one by one in a Notepad & add “ & press Enter.
  • Now you will see the name of people using those Id.

 Facebook Profile Viewer
Facebook Profile Viewer

Now you can see the Id of people in the order. The first Id is the person who first viewed your profile , the second entry is the second person who saw your profile.
Using this trick you can know the name of people who saw your profile but you can’t know the date & time of profile that the person saw.
As I already told you that  the trick will only be effective in Chrome Browser. Thank You.
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