TOR Browser Alternatives – Top Incognito Browsers for PC in 2019

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TOR browser is a very popular browser that can be used to surf web information. But there are so many times when TOR has been blamed by the government agencies about the security breaches all around the world. NSA has invested in the TOR project but they have also tried to break the encryption algorithm of TOR. This article will inform you about TOR browser alternatives.

TOR browser alternatives

TOR has official announced that some sources are trying to reveal the identity of users who are using their services of TOR.
There are many factors by which TOR security is compromised. We are going to provide you some of TOR browser alternatives that can be used by the user to hide their identity.
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This is a browser that is used to become anonymous on the Internet. It uses peer to peer communication channel which is developed on open source tools. This browser is a perfect replacement of TOR.
It is made to use the hidden services of Internet. It is different from TOR or you can say “I2P is faster than TOR”. I2P uses unidirectional circuits to send data, if a user tries to extract the information of any user than he has to compromise with the node & the information will be secured as well.

TOR browser alternatives
TOR browser alternatives


Now, this browser is completely different concept than any other browser. This is a live operating system which can be carried in a pen drive, CD or memory card. This is an operating system that gives you the services of an IM client, Office suite & obviously a web browser. It uses TOR browser services but add some other layers that improves the security of the user who is using it.  A feature which I personally like is that it can be used anywhere without leaving any traces of the user.

Subgraph OS

This works on TOR network as the previous one but it has some features like firewall, e-mail client & built-in encryption. This is built by a Canadian security company. It also provides a mechanism to restrict the malware & other malicious programs that can harm your computer. This OS can be used as a permanent OS or can be carried in a Pen drive like tails.


This browser works like I2P that means it works on peer to peer connection. This P2P communication helps to store & deliver the data from one end to another. The protocol used in the network isolates the users to leak any information.
In the version 0.7 of freenet, there are two modes that is Darknet & Opennet. Darknet is used to share the public key if the users were connected before now. The opennet mode is used by the connect with any random user whenever you like to. The two modes can be used at same time. The software is free on the Internet.


This is one more OS that is a linux based OS. This OS can be carried in a USB. The Linux is based on Debian kernel. You can customize the OS by your wish. It comes with many other software packages that are image editor, office suite & many more. The web browser of this OS is used to be anonymous in the Internet.
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