How to create a Facebook Account without Mobile Number in 2018 – Best facebook Trick

Hey my fellow readers , I am back with a new trick that is based on Facebook. In this post I m going to share the Facebook trick which will help you to create & verify multiple Facebook Account with Mobile Number.

Create Facebook Account Without Phone Number Verification in 2018

Now Facebook is tightening the security for the people to get the legit users in the network. May you could be able to create multiple Facebook Account, but you will need multiple Facebook Account. if you don’t want to buy multiple SIM cards.
Multiple Facebook accounts are useful in creating accounts in & other Free Recharge tricks. If you are interested to know this then you can check the details from here. To make it happen you need a Rooted Android device & install donkey guard app in your phone.

Verify Facebook Account with Fake Number

You can find the app on Google & get it easily. This app is installed so that you can fool the Facebook while it verifies your Android device using Device Id. Imei Etc.
So here we are going to Snoof Facebook Account & create multiple Facebook Accounts by using any Gmail & Mobile Number. For verifying an e-mail you can use
To get started you can follow the steps given here.
With this you can create Multiple Unlimited Facebook accounts without mobile number verification

Steps to create FB Account without Phone Number

So read the steps below here to know the full method to create multiple Facebook Accounts without being blocked or ban issue.

  1. First step is to install Opera Mini Browser in the Android Device. Install it from the Play Store.
  2. Open the Browser after installing it & open the Link.
  3. As the Facebook Login page will appear , click on the “Create Account” Link.
  4. Now fill the information you need to enter for creating an Account. Choose Gender as Female is mandatory.
  5. Now you can open the this Temporary Email site –
  6. Sign up in the website & you will get an Instant E-mail Id for use. Enter a Password for the E-mail Id & complete the sign up process.
  7. Now you can check  temporary mailbox.
  8. Enter the verification code on the Facebook Account that will be received in the Temporary E-mail.
  9. You Facebook Account is ready.

How to Create Multiple Facebook Accounts Fast with Android Phone

From the above method you will be able to create single Facebook Account , if you want to create multiple Facebook accounts at once , then you can follow this another trick.

  • First of all you open Opera Mini Browser & clear all the cache i.e. from Settings – Apps – Opera Mini.
  • Open Donkey Guard App & change the value of Opera Mini like Android IMEI Without Root, Device Id. You can also use apps like Xprivacy, device emulator for the same purpose.
  • You can change the Android Id with this – Android Id Changer Guide.
  • After you have changed the Android Id , connect to Internet & your device Ip will be changed.
  • You can repeat this process for multiple accounts

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