How to Bypass Surveys in Chrome Browser

If I ask you to complete a survey before downloading any file will you like it? Of course not, no one like to complete irritating survey. Even if you have ever tried to complete any survey you don’t get success. Surveys just waste your time, even after doing everything they don’t get completed. From now onwards you don’t have to complete any survey to get your file. We are providing you a chrome browser extension which will do this for you. If you have thought of bypassing survey then this article is specially for you. The best part of all is that you can get this extension on chrome store free of cost.

How to Bypass Surveys in Chrome Browser
How to Bypass Surveys in Chrome Browser

Nowadays most of game or movie downloading websites contains surveys which are very irritating. These websites ask you to fill out a forum with your personal information which can result harmful later. Sometimes they conduct poles which have nothing to do with you. These all things make it very necessary for us to use online survey bypassing tool. This will surely save you lots of time and energy. We have earlier shared many other methods to bypass surveys for free and now we are again back with new.

What are Surveys and Why you are asked to complete them?

The main role of the survey is to know about public interest. These companies sell this data later to many other big companies which will use this information to come up with something you will love. The admin of any website locks required file with these surveys because it is a great source of income. These survey proving company pays a good amount of money for each successful survey completion. Surveys are irritating as you can’t proceed further on the website before completing it.

How to Bypass Surveys on Chrome Browser

The survey makes it compulsory for us to fill the form with information for unlocking your file. If you have fed up with these survey then this article will help you. Today I am going to share an extension with you which will bypass every online survey. Yes, you heard it right XJZ Survey Remover Extension for Chrome Browser can bypass surveys for all websites. This is the fantastic extension which skips the survey and automatically redirects directly to your requested URL or file.

How to Install & Use XJZ Survey Remover Extension

  1. First of all search for “XJZ Survey Remover Extension” and install it in your chrome browser. To verify that it has been installed successfully you must look on the right corner on top for its icon.
  2. After XJZ Survey Remover Extension is installed, close the browser and reopen it. This is the very necessary step you need to follow to make XJZ Survey Remover Extension work completely.
  3. Now when ever any website ask you to complete survey just click on the XJZ Survey Remover Extension, which is located right side on top.
  4. You will be automatically redirected to require page without completing survey.
  5. Isn’t it sounds amazing, this method works for most of the websites. Its very easy to install and use this extension. Say no to survey and bypass them from now onwards easily.

Final Words:
If you are facing any problem in using this application then feel free to ask us. We will try our best to help you out. This extension is works wonderfully for bypassing surveys and polls. Even if you can complete surveys easily you must bypass surveys. If you are really hate spam and you are concerned then don’t fill the surveys. I hope you have really loved visiting our website. Check out our homepage for more tricks like this.

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