Fedora 26 Alpha released

Fedora 26 alpha has released finally after the delay. If you like to have the development version then you can download it. Before downloading it you can read some of the important things for it.

Fedora 26 alpha

Fedora 26 alpha has fixed the date for the release on 30 may & the final product will be released on 27 June. This version has included python 3.6 & GNOME 3.24. If you want to install the developer version of this OS , then you should be installing it on Virtual machine or some secondary PC. This OS is considered as the milestone for Fedora.
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  2. RHEL 6.9 the last version of RHEL family is released on 20th march 2017

  3. Parrot Linux with a new Updated version with kernel 4.9.13

Fedora 26 alpha
Fedora 26 alpha

Features of Fedora 26

  • GNOME 3.4 : An improved version of GNOME 3 released on april 2011. It provides many improvement in GNOME 3 i.e. user experience & bug fixes.
  • Python Classroom Lab : This is designed in three levels i.e. Workstation based, Docker based and Vagrant based. It is designed for python instructors.
  • SSSD fast cache for local users :- It resolves all users for better performance.
  • GCC7 : Helps to rebuild the packages as your customized version.
  • Modular Server Preview : This concept is used in the Fedora 26 & it is still in testing mode.
  • pkgconf as system pkg-config implementation :- Supports better handling of system file & integrating API into them
  • Golang 1.8
  • Ruby 2.4 :- The latest version of Ruby is included in fedora, that makes it the superior platform for a Ruby developer.
  • GHC 8.0 :- This version of GHC has improved support for aarch64, ppc64, and ppc64le
  • OpenSSL 1.1.0
  • Python 3.6
  • DNF 2.0

I have written a brief information about Fedora 26. If you like to read details then you can go to the official page of fedora to know more.

Download Fedora 26 Alpha

The Fedora 26 alpha version  is released on the official website of Fedora. If you would like to download the alpha version then please download it from download page. There are other links for the Alpha versions of Fedora Server, Fedora Spins, Fedora Laps, and Fedora for ARM.
The alpha versions has many errors if you find any of them than you can send your responses to the team of Fedora. Your responses are helpful for them.
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Those who are going to install the alpha version of Fedora 26 can write our experience in the comment box. Like us on Facebook or subscribe us to get the daily updates from the website. Thank You.

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