DDR5 RAM will have double speed as compared to DDR4 RAM confirmed by JEDEC

JEDEC has made an announcement for the new generation RAM i.e. DDR5. According to JEDEC it will be completed in near 2018. The density & bandwidth of DDR5 RAM will be double as compared to the previous i.e. DDR4.

DDR5 RAM will be two times faster than DDR4 RAM

Yes, the newer version of DDR5 is going to release somewhere in the next year. This a good news for all those who needs high performance PC. However according to JEDEC , the compatibility of this RAM needs to make until a higher performance processor do not come for it.
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These higher performance RAMs are not just for gamers but it will also work for client & server machines.
JEDEC has announced a demo on 19th of July at Server Forum event in Santa Clara. The official statement of Chairman of JEDEC Board of Directors “Increasing server performance requirements are driving the need for more advanced technologies, and the standardization of next generation memory such as DDR5 and the new generation persistent modules NVDIMM-P will be essential to fulfilling those needs. Work on both standards is progressing quickly, and we invite all interested engineers worldwide to visit the JEDEC website for more information about JEDEC membership and participation in JEDEC standards-setting activities.”


The development of DDR4 was RAm was completed in 2012 but still it was availbale in our PCs in 2015. As there were so many compatibility issues with the hardware.The processor & Soc needs to be updated before using DDR4.
So think how much time will DDR5 RAM will take to come with new PCs.
JEDEC has invited all the engineers from all over the world & took part in the development . This mutual effort will let the development more better & advance.
There is one more concept which is suggested by Intel i.e. to build  Optane drives, which can double as RAM.

Intel Optane Devices

If you don’t know about Optane drives, then lets have a word for it. Intel has brought a new concept in the 7th generation core processors. After April 2017, Intel will provide 16 and 32GB Optane modules which are compatible with 130+ motherboards.
This SSD will be 1,000 times faster than a conventional Hard drives. Soon these SSD will be used as RAM too. The difference between RAM & hard drive will be soon bridged.
As the new development in the hardware architecture are released, soon the computer will be seen in a new face. The hardware are developed in terms of speed , small size & apparently more advance in terms of architecture.
We don’t know when all these technology will come in our hands but all the updates must be known to us.
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