How to follow all the people you unfollow on Facebook at once

Many people are on your Facebook whom you have unfollow. If the number is bigger than you have to go to everybody’s profile & click the follow button. If you are out of time you can follow unfollow facebook friends quickly by this simple trick.

Follow Unfollow Facebook friends quickly

Many times it happens with some dumb people who post useless stuff to Facebook. Some pages are also unfollowed by people because of irrelevant content. Slowly the time goes on & the people whom you unfollowed are mature now & want to follow them again. Probably if the number of such friends is less hen it OK. But if the list is long you have to spend more time in going to their profile & clicking the follow button.
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Hence this is a time consuming & tiresome job. Well we have a shortcut for the same.
You can do this by using a hidden option in your Facebook. Facebook is a quite smart network who have arranged option for every thing.

Follow Unfollow Facebook friends quickly
Follow Unfollow Facebook friends quickly

Steps to Follow Unfollow Facebook friends quickly

  • Log in to your Facebook Account.
  • Now go to your Homepage.
  • Go to news feed on the left side of Homepage. Here you will see a three dot symbol where you need to click.
  • As you click on it three options will be shown to you i.e. Top Stories, Most Recent & Edit preferences.
  • Click Edit preference.
  • A window will be opened. Click on “Reconnect with people you’ve unfollowed”.
  • All the friends & pages that you have unfollowed will be shown to you.
  • You can select all or some from the list & click done.
  • All your friends are now followed by you.

May be some of you don’t use computer for facebook. There is one more way to do this with your mobile app.

Follow the steps to do this from Mobile App

  • Open your Facebook App & click on settings tab.
  • Scroll down & select News Feed Preferences.
  • Tap Reconnect with people you unfollowed.
  • Tap on the picture of the friend or page you want to follow on unfollow.

Now you know the method to follow or unfollow someone in few seconds , you can use the option whenever you like. As a result this will save your time & let you use your Facebook Account more efficiently.
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