Create your VIP Whatsapp No. with a USA Phone Number – Free virtual Number with WhatsApp

Whatsapp is the mostly used app in the Android as well as other platforms in India & other countries. There are so many features which do not let the app to be replaced by anyone. If you are a Whatsapp user then you should be knowing the hidden features of Whatsapp.

Free virtual Number with WhatsApp – Get free number for WhatsApp

This tutorial is the best Whatsapp trick of the year. After reading this you will be able to create a VIP number on Whatsapp in USA. The method is 100% working & fully tested. After creating a VIP Whatsapp USA number , you can fool your friends & prank on them.

How To Make Your WhatsApp VIP with USA Number – Whatsapp Fake Number 2017

To make a Whatsapp account with a US number legally, you can follow this tutorial. Most of the Tutorials that are on Internet are jut a waste of time. If you follow them then you will just waste the time & will get nothing.
This tutorial is tested by us. After following this you will be bale to create a VIP US number Whatsapp with +1 country code.

Create your VIP Whatsapp No. with a USA Phone Number
Create your VIP Whatsapp No. with a USA Phone Number

For this, you need to be a resident of a country which is other than US. Now just stay with us & follow the steps given so that you can achieve that you want to.

How Helpful it is

  1. This trick provides you better privacy.
  2. Your personal number can’t be seen & you can’t be traced.
  3. It nice to tell people that you have a USA number.

Steps to make your WhatsApp VIP no. with USA number (+1 Country Code)

  • This first step is to install this app in your phone. i.e. primo.
  • After installation, just open the app , complete the sigh up process & verify your original number with the help of OTP.
  • After the verification is done , tap the left corner of the app & see the end of the app where you can see the US numbers with +1 country code.
  • Note the US number that is allotted to you by the Primo app.
  • Now open your whatsapp number & verify the USA number with Whatsapp to verify it.
  • If you an android user then click on Call me Button to verify the number or if you are iPhone user, then wait for five minutes to see the call me button. The verification number will be given to you soon.
  • Now receive the call & enter the verification code.
  • It’s done now use your whatsapp number freely as you like.

Note :- Do not try to do anything unethical that means you can call someone for 25 minutes for free. We do not take any responsibility if you do any illegal activity using this trick Thank You.

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