What are Google Dorks list in 2018 – Google Search Operators

Google Dorks list , definition and their uses. You can also know about vulnerable websites in the Google SQL dorks. The Google dorks can be for database queries, SEO and for SQL injection.
Hello friends this article is about Google dorks. Google dorks is a set of search queries that can be used by a person to find hidden information from search engine.

History of Google Dorks

This concept of google dorks was started in 2002. Johnny Long is the person who started it & he used this to find the vulnerable & secret information. He named them as Google Dorks or google hacking.

What is Google Dorks in 2018

Google dorks can expose many type of information to the searcher. It can find the private information , username & password & some other details too. You can also say that Google dorks is dark corner where you can find some precious gems.
Now the information you get from can be used anywhere for any purpose. Most of the times is used in illegal activities.

google dorks
google dorks

Google Dorks Search Operator

To use Google dorks , you need to know about the operators used in dorking. So one by one I am going to write all of them one by one.
Using intitle symbolize google to show only those pages which consist of those string. For example intitle:”login page”. This queries will all the pages which has login page in the title tag.
This is similar to intitle but the difference is it will look for all specified terms in the title.
It search for the terms that are in the specified url.
Same as inurl but search for all terms in the url.
Search for a specific filetype in the websites. For ex: filetype:txt.
Similar to filetype but find extension of files.
Search the content of the webpage like regular google search. For ex intext:”index of /”.
Same as intext , the difference is that it searches for all the terms that are present in the page.
Searches the content in a single site that is specified. For ex:- site: technicalbudd.com

Basic structure 

“inurl:.”domain”/”dorks” ”
“inurl” : input url
“domain” : your domain like .com
“dorks”: dorks you search
In the place of inurl any of the above explained can be written.
All these dorks are used to find a vulnerability in a website which can be detected & solved.
Here are some tricks that are widely used to find dorks
You can use intitle to find a song or anything in a website like.
intitle: index of mp3
Here you can find the index page of a website
With this you can find a text that is similar in multiple websites.
intext : “website security tutorial”
Now you will get the name of all websites that provide tutorial related to web security.
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