How To Get Facebook Credentials Without Hacking or Download anything

Facebook hacking is one of the most sensitive topic in the world. Facebook is not just a social networking site but now it has become one of the most used website where people talk to more to their friends & family as compared to face to face.

How to hack Facebook Login Details Easily / Without Password

So if someone hacks a Facebook account then he or she will be able to know your most details. Many people do not believe in Facebook hacking but if you have some technical knowledge with you then you can hack a Facebook account & check all their secret words they exchanged with dear ones.

how to hack facebook account step by step
how to hack facebook account step by step

How to hack Facebook account step by step

But hacking a Facebook account is not the only choice we have. We can also check someone’s information from Facebook without hacking it.
Here we are going to tell how you can access all the information from a Facebook account without hacking it.

Warning :- This article is written to enhance the security on Facebook accounts, if any illegal activity is done by you, then you are fully responsible for it.

How to hack Facebook account profile
How to hack Facebook account profile

How To Get Facebook Credentials Without Hacking Facebook

  1. Kali OS :- First of all you need to start using an alternate OS i.e. Kali Linux. This linux distro has many awesome tools by which you can perform hacking traps. Windows & Mac OS has not such abilities. Download & install Kali Linux in your PC.
  2. BeEF :- It is an in-assembled application that is comes with Kali Linux. With this you can utilise the username & password of an account while propelling BeEF.
  3. Hack Browser :- Now to hack the casualty program you will need an uncommon javascript connection to snare the browser. As the casualty will snap to your connection. , you will send the program to snared the browser. Now you can go for the following stride that takes after.
  4. Getting Credentials:- After you successfully snared the casualty program , you can begin hacking the credentials. For that you need to open the snared program board. that is put on the left of your screen. Now you have the capacity to see the subtle elements of casualty browser. Follow this Commands > Modules Tree > Social Engineering > Pretty Theft.
  5. Now you have open Module results History & pretty robberies panel. With this board you can send the fly up windows for Facebook & other online networks. Select Facebook alternative from the pretty Theft window & after that push on the Execute Button down in the browser. Now send the Facebook Login to the casualties program.
  6. If client do login through the fly up window you send then you have hacked thier login details. Go to the command comes about window of the program & check qualification.
  7. You can now check the username & casualty for the window.
    So this is a method by which you can get someone’s Facebook Login credentials without hacking Facebook. I hope you have understand the steps from the given.

This is a very simple technique which included certifications of Facebook & getting the Facebook login details without hacking the Facebook Account.

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