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Navratri is a very popular festival which is a nine day schedule for Hindus. It is celebrated in worship of Maa Durga. The festival is celebrated with great zeal & passion in all the parts of India. The festival lasts for nine days & worship Goddess Durga. The prayers are made to get her blessings.

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The nine days of Navratri are different from one another. In fact all the nine days have different representation of Maa Durga. Navratri is a Sanskrit word which is composed of two words i.e. Nav & ratri. Nav means nine & Ratri means night. All the nine days are dedicated to one of the nine Forms of Goddess durga.

Happy Navratri Wishes
Happy Navratri Wishes

In 2017, the beginning of Navratri festival is from 21st September & the last is on 29th September. These nine days will be passed while praying to Maa Durga & fasting for some people. If you are going to bless people for the same , then you can download them from here.

Legend – Story Behind Navratri

The Navratri is celebrated on the base of a story. The story says that a demon called Mahishasur praised Lord Shiva & gets the boon of eternity. His boon makes him immortal & soon he becomes cruel & started killing innocent people. Soon he decided to win all the three lokas of Universe. All the gods asked Lord Shiva for help to save them from Mahishasur. After that the three gods Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu & Lord Brahma jointly created a female warrior Who later killed Mahishasur.

Navchandi Path in Navratri 2017
Navchandi Path in Navratri 2019

This female warrior was worshipped afterwards. THis worship was made in the Navratri.

The Durga Puja is consisting of Navchandi Path, Durga Pooja, Saptasati Path and Yagna. The priests of the temple are recite the bhajans of Panchmeva, Kalash, Mata ka shingaar, chunri and coconut before the deity.

Why is navratri celebrated??

Navchandi Path in Navratri 2019

The worship is aimed for Ling & sucessful life. The most powerful path for solving the serious poroblems related to the career, job, family disputes, health, wealth, disputes, court case, enemies, kids etc.

Durga Saptasati Path in Navratri 2019

There are total of 13 chapters & 700 shloks in the process. The reading of the shloks is known as Durga Saptshati Path.

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The ninth day is the Yagna is done. The rituals are considered as pious & sacrosanct. Those who performs the rituals are blessed with desired boons.

When a devotee performs the worship with all the told methods with this true feeling , Maa Durga spread her blessings to the devotee & fulfil his wishes.

The main benefits of Navratri Puja are written as

  1. You will be blessed with Happiness in your life.
  2. Your family relations will be improved.
  3. You will get self confidence & power to hold the right decisions.
  4. All your troubles & triumphs will be eradicated.
  5. The negative energies will be removed from you.
  6. You health related problems will be removed i.e. related to lungs, eye & skin.
  7. You will get financial prosperity.

Navratri Puja Vidhi 2019

Navratri Puja is held by the experienced priests who are educated with the Vedic rules & rituals. The puja should be organised by the priests. There are so many things which will help you to know more about the rituals. The website will provide you the best mantras & other things that will help you get a good religious pooja.

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Navratri Puja Prasad with include

  1. Mata ka khazana
  2. Panchmeva
  3. Mata ki chunri
  4. Durga Chalisa
  5. Launj , Elachi, Mishri
  6. Small piece of coconut as Prasad

I hope this will help you to know more about the same. Please check the details for more We will provide you more details of this auspicious events. For more details You can visit our website for more. Thank You.

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