How to increase data transfer speed of pen drive in 2017

If the data transfer in your pen drive is slow, then you can increase data transfer pen drive by doing this small trick in your computer. This help you to improve the speed of your pen drive data transfer in a few seconds.

Increase Data Transfer Pen Drive

In our daily life we use pen drive to transfer data in multiple devices. The transfer rate of pen drive is sometimes lesser than what is expected. In that case you can easily increase the data transfer rate using this article. This tricks is based on a simple technology of Operating system.
As pen drive usually uses FAT32 file system. We are going to alter this by a simple interface. Don’t panic, the method is totally safe to your pen drive.
There are some aspects which are responsible for a pen drive to transfer data

  • File system
  • Product Policy
  • File type
  • OS & Hardware dependent
How to increase data transfer speed of pen drive
How to increase data transfer speed of pen drive

File System of a Pen Drive

File system in a pen drive is NTFS nowadays. All the pen drives work on FAT32 file system by default. We will change it to the NTFS file system. Many of you do not know about the file system concept. File system is a system algorithm which is used to allocate the physical space in a storage device. File system decided which & how the file is to be stored in the device. FAT 32 is an older file system which is not capable to handling large volume of file that are in terms of GBs.
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To change the file system of the pen drive follow the steps given here:

  • Plug in your pen drive in the USB port.
  • Go to My Computer> right click on Pen Drive > Select Format.
  • In the format window, select NTFS.
  • Now check on Quick format.
  • Format the pen drive now.

Boost Performance of Pen Drive Hardware

There is one more thing which you can use to increase data transfer pen drive. This can be done by following these steps.

  • Go to My Computer.
  • Select the pen drive & right click on it.
  • Click on properties> Change Settings.
  • Go to Policies tab>Better performance/ Quick Removal.
  • Click on OK.

Use Tera Copy to increase data transfer pen drive

Tera Copy is a third party software, which is used for better data transfer. It is an alternative to the Copy paste option in the windows. This software creates better resource allocation for the data transfer. It uses dynamic buffer concept. You can pause & continue the copy task during it is copied.
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This is all for now. Although we have shared all the tricks that can increase data transfer pen drive in 2017. If you have any other trick with you, please share it with us. Follow us on Facebook for more updates from us. Thank You.

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