YouTube Alternatives- How to get extra views & YouTube branding in 2017

If you are working on YouTube as a video blogger, then you must know about some other websites which are similar to YouTube & will help you to get more views to your YouTube channel. This can provide you a bigger fan base so that you can be more popular on YouTube. In other words they are YouTube alternative.

Youtube Alternative to increase your exposure to audience

The youtubers who are working on YouTube to gain popularity on YouTube & get more exposure in the world of Internet. We are giving you some ideas to expand your viewers list & get more subscribers on YouTube. You can use youtube alternative to get a little more earning & exposure.
If you will upload those videos on other Video sites then you can emerge as a brand in other places of Internet. This can become one of your YouTube promotion policy. Example of YouTube alternative are Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo & Dailymotion.
Keep your Video Titles & description saved in a file so that they can be used to paste in other website to save time & work efficiently.
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You can also upload your old videos on the websites to get more viewers & let them see the starting struggle & improvement you made in your work. As Cost of using Internet is getting down day by day. The digital consumption has become more than the previous years.

Brand your YouTube Channel with a good Introduction

There are professional video branding people who can provide you a good introduction to your video & a good ending so that the viewer is attracted to your content more than before. These people charge $10 -$20 for this. Which is 660 to 1300 in Indian currency. You can meet the professional on Fiverr. Fiverr is a center of professionals who work on freelancing projects for a certain amount of money with high outputs in less time.
You can use TubeBuddy, chrome extension for sharing videos on social networking sites for saving the time you spend on sharing the videos in social networking sites.

youtube alternative
youtube alternative

Upload Video on Facebook

After YouTube, you can upload the videos on Facebook, to provide a broad exposure to your videos on Facebook. You can upload the teaser of video on Facebook which allow the viewers to visit your YouTube Channel & watch your videos.
You can also split the video & share a part of the video on Facebook, helps you to attract users on YouTube.
Before you upload a video on Facebook check these conditions
Max Size: 4 GB
Max time of a Video : 120 minutes
Allowed size exception : 1.75GB
Max text length of a caption : 2200 characters

Upload Video on Twitter

Another giant social networking site which can help you getting viewers. You upload a part of video on twitter as I told you about Facebook. Only thing which is changed are these.
Max time of a Video : 2m 20s
Supported format (If uploaded from a mobile app): MP4 and MOV
Supported format (If uploaded from website): MP4 video format with H264 format
Maximum size of a video: 512 MB

Upload Videos on Instagram

The maximum length for a video on Instagram is very less. You can only upload a teaser on Instagram. Videos can be uploaded via mobile app only.
Max length of a video : 60 seconds
Upload via Mobile App only.
You can do live streaming on Instagram to interact with your viewers & get more viewers.

Upload videos on Vimeo

Vimeo offers free & paid membership plans for a Vlogger. They provide 500 MB of video space every week. You can upload maximum 10 videos in a day. A beautiful feature of Vimeo is that a video can be uploaded from a cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive or Box.
You should read all the guidelines & other policies to monetize the videos on Vimeo. But if you are an independent Vlogger then the policies will not matter much to you.

Upload Videos on Dailymotion

This is one of the biggest alternative of dailymotion where the videos can be monetized as you are doing on YouTube. Although the videos will not get the same number of views as the YouTube gets, you will be able to get a little money & more exposure in Dailymotion.
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