Indian Army GD Clerk Question Paper | Previous Year Written Exam Solved Sample Paper Hindi PDF Download

Download Indian Army LDC UDC Written Exam Sample Paper PDF

Download Indian Army Sample Paper PDF for LDC | UDC Clerk SKT Previous 10 year Practice Question paper latest Hindi or Sample / Solved paper for Written Exam.

Indian Army Exam Syllabus can be downloaded from the official website of Indian Army. The link for the website is

Download Indian Army LDC UDC Written Exam Sample Paper PDF

Indian Army conducts the written test for the candidates to shortlist the applicants & get the appropriate employee for them. This article is dedicated for the sample paper of Indian Army Written test. You can download the sample paper from the official website of Indian Army. There are number of candidates who are going to apply in Indian Army Recruitment 2018.

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The Indian Army was established after the Independence of India i.e. on 15th August 2017. The sample paper consists of 20% portion of general knowledge , 20% from general science and 40% from Mathematics computer science of 20% and English for 100 marks. The sample papers are given from here. You can read all the article to download the sample paper for you.

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Points to know about Indian Army Written test & Exam Pattern

The sample paper or the model paper for the written exam are helpful for the preparation of the written test. This will help you to know how you are going to prepare in the competitive environment. We are here to provide you all the details of recruitment. The sample papers will provide you all the details of level of questions you will be asked in the exam.

Now a days , the competition in a written test for a govt job is too high. if you think that a student is too good in any exam, then you should think about your preparation.

Indian Army GD Sample Papers & Practice Set in Hindi / English

There are so many sections where you have to work & create a good score for you. As there can be sectional cut-off in the exam, We are here to provide you the link for the sample paper below.

Indian Army Clerk Sample Papers In Hindi English (Important Questions & Answers)

1. Which one of the following battles took place in 1565?
(a) Battle of Haldighati
(b) Battle of Panipat
(c) Battle of Palasy
(d) None of these

2. SA 14.14.2 Vaccine is used to cure which of the following?
(a) Chikungunya
(b) Dengue fever
(c) Japanese Encephalities
(d) None of these

3. The capital of India was transferred from Calcutta to Delhi during the tenure of:
(a) Lord Irwin
(b) Lord Hardinge
(c) Lord Minto
(d) None of these

4. The right to education was added to the Constitution through which amendment?
(a) 85th
(b) 86th
(c) 87th
(d) None of these

5. Who among the following is not a recipient of Bharat Ratna?
(a) Pt. Ravi Shankar
(b) G.B Pant
(c) Rajeev Gandhi
(d) None of these

6. Deodhar Trophy is associated with which sport?
(a) Football
(b) Hockey
(c) Cricket
(d) None of these

7. Who is the recipient of Dada Saheb Phalke award for the year 2005?
(a) Shyam Benegal
(b) Dev Anand
(c) Mrinal Sen
(d) None of these

8. The period of Eleventh Five Year Plan is:
(a) 2005-2010
(b) 2004-2009
(c) 2007-2012
(d) 2008-2013

9. Where is ‘Buland Darwaja’ located?
(a) Puri
(b) Fatehpur Sikri
(c) Bijapur
(d) None of these

10. Pt. Kelu Chandra Mahapatra is famous for which of the following?
(a) Kathak
(b) Kuchipudi
(c) Bharat Natyam
(d) None of these

PART 2 Indian Army Physics Question & Answers

Choose the correct answer:

11. Which of the following is the most suitable method to decrease friction?
(a) Ball and Roller bearings
(b) Lubrication
(c) Polishing
(d) All of these

12. A body falling freely under the action of gravity has:
(a) Maximum weight
(b) Minimum weight
(c) No weight
(d) None of these

13. In the CGS system dynes/cm is the unit of:
(a) Force
(b) Surface Tension
(c) Work
(d) None of these

14. The first law of motion gives the definition of which of the following?
(a) Force
(b) Velocity
(c) Momentum
(d) None of these

15. Power of a lens is measured in which of the following?
(a) Cm
(b) cm-1
(c) Diopters
(d) None of these

16. The ratio of the size of the image to the size of the object is called:
(a) Parallax
(b) Magnification
(c) Focal length
(d) None of these

17. The instrument used to record sound is:
(a) Gramaphone
(b) Hydrophone
(c) Phonograph
(d) None of these

18. Who discovered the Gramophone?
(a) Edison
(b) Newton
(c) Grahm Bell
(d) None of these

19. Sin i/Sin r, the index of refraction is known as:
(a) Henry’s Law
(b) Snell’s Law
(c) Lenz Law
(d) None of these

20. A force of 100 dynes acts on a mass of 5 gms for 10 seconds. Find the change in momentum in C.G.S units:
(a) 10
(b) 100
(c) 1000
(d) None of these

21. “Gauss” is a unit for measuring which of the following?
(a) Magnetic intensity
(b) Magnetic induction
(c) Magnetic momentum
(d) None of these

22. If C=Capacity, Q=Charge and V=Potential of a Conductor, then:
(a) C=Q/V
(b) C=QV
(c) C=V/Q
(d) None of these

23. Laws of electromagnetic induction were given by:
(a) Fleming
(b) Faraday
(c) Ohm
(d) None of these

24. According to Boyle’s Law:
(a) P ∝ I/T
(b) P ∝ V
(c) P ∝ I/V
(d) None of these

25. “Voltameter” is used to measure which of the following?
(a) Inductance
(b) Impedance
(c) Resistance
(d) None of these

Indian Army Education Havildar Group X / Y Previous Year Papers 2017

Those who are searching for the Indian Army Syllabus of Havildar jobs Recruitment Tests. We have bring all the sample paper from here. The exam pattern & the syllabus will be helpful for all the students who are still with it.

Steps To Download Indian Army UDC / LDC  Exam Syllabus & Study Material

The candidates will be able to improve the preparation in multiple ways, then you can download the previous years paper & study material from here. The instructions from the reference are given for those.

  • Open the website of Indian Army to download the solved paper of Havildar.
  • Download the notification of Indian Army Havildar.
  • The links can be seen from the download page to download your papers.
  • The Indian Army Havildar Education Previous Papers and Syllabus will be saved in your device after the click.

Indian Army Technical Entry Sample Papers 2018 PDF

How To Download the Indian army technical entry 2017 Question Papers, Syllabus / Exam pattern 2017

  1. Open the website of Indian Army.
  2. Search the technical entry in Indian Army after 12th Previous Year Question Paper on the search bar given above on right side
  3. The exam pattern will be seen in the PDF Format.
  4. Save the document & take a print out for after 12th Previous Paper for future references
Indian Army Technical Entry Scheme 2016 Previous Solved.

The Indian Army Technical Entry Examination Model Papers Previous Year Paper , Sample Paper , Answer key etc will be updated on Indian Army Sample Paper Download.

Indian Army Tradesman / Soldier Nursing Assistant Sample Papers for Practice

Indian Army Written Exam Model Test Paper PDF Download

You must have downloaded the admit card of your exam. The candidates who ware selected will get the job in the Indian Army for the various Posts. These posts are

  • Field Marshal
  • General
  • Lieutenant General
  • Major general
  • Brigadier
  • Colonel
  • Lieutenant
  • Major
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant

Indian Army Written Exams model Papers PDF Files

Indian Army Written exams are asking for the official website. The syllabus can be found in the exam. You do not need to check the syllabus from anywhere else. You can download the details for a syllabus from here. The direct link of the same is given here. The marking scheme is also good for it.

Army Test Written Test Exam Pattern / Marking Scheme

  1. The written exam is divided into two parts i.e. Paper I & Paper II.
  2. Paper II consists of 100 marks .
  3. The exam will be of MCQ type.
  4. Paper I will have three sections. English:- 30 marks , General Studies:- 40 marks, Arithmetic:- 30 marks.
  5. Paper II will be given to those who qualify Paper I.
  6. Paper II is of 50 marks.
  7. Group A :- English
  8. Group B :- Bengali / Hindi / Urdu /  Nepali
Indian Army Clerk Sample Paper Download
  • Name of the Department : Indian army
  • Official website :
  • Category : Sample paper
  • Status : Available

Steps to download Indian Army Sample Paper  2019 @

  1. Open the official website of Indian Army i.e.
  2. Click on the link of Sample paper.
  3. Download the Sample paper in the PDF File.
  4. Read the content & start your practice.

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