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Indian Army Officer uniform dress for White / blue patrol and ceremonial clothes PDF

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Hello Friends, here we are going to discuss the Indian Army uniform. The Army dresses in India are classified into three sections. These are working dresses, ceremonial dresses, and mess dresses. And these three types are different in summers and winter.

Indian Army Uniforms Color in Summer and Winter

Indian Army Summer  Dress

In the summer season, The Army people wears olive green as working dress with beret (black and white dress) with regimental cummerhand. and side cap as mess dress. In the ceremonies , peak cap and full medals are placed on the working dress. The working dress with shoes or with mess dress is also applicable. The Army men wears camouflage dress with drill boots with jungle hat or beret on every friday.

Indian Army Winter Dress

In the Winter season , the Army men wears brown shirt and green trousers as working dress or green suit with beret. In the various ceremonies of Indian Army , full ribands and peak cap is worn by all. The mess dress in winters is of Green close collared suit with miniature ribands. The shoes are of brouge or oxfords with the working or mess dress. On friday , the camouflage dress with camouflage jacket is worn with drill boots and jungle hat or berert.

Indian Army Uniform for Ceremonial Dress

There are certain change in the dresses for the various special occasions in Rashtrapati bhawan and with foreign dignitaries. There are some variations done in the types of color for caps, belts and shoes.

Army men wears camouflage dress with jungle hat and drill boots in the field. According to the climate , Camoflague Jackets or parkas is worn. In the extreme cold conditions , brown surge trousers and brown woolen shirts are worn. In the Siachen glacier and the Tibetan plateau, special winter dress are worn by the soldiers.

Types of Uniforms Assigned to the Indian Army Soldier

There are multiple number of uniforms which are assigned to the Indian Army Soldiers. Some of them are given here.

  1. OG (Olive Greens) :- These are standard uniforms in the peace areas for the summers. The winter based uniforms are Lighter shade of shirt and is woolen. SD is assigned and authorized to officers.
  2. No.5 SD :- The winter uniform of officers is consisted of an OG blazer/coat, a light coloured shirt (most probably that of sand/light tan), a black tie and OG trousers. In the ceremonies , the officer wears medal instead of ribbons and wear his regimental belt over a blazer / coat. A peak cap is worn with it.
  3. No.6A (6Alpha) :- This is a white dress for mess in winter with a white jacket. This is used very often and most of the officers don’t wear it as most of them prefers the Blue Patrol for winter occasions.
  4. No.6B (6Bravo) :- This uniform is based on White shirt and black trousers in summer season. This is one of the best looking uniform with a cummerbund (with regimental colours).
  5. Blue Patrol :- This is a uniform for the ceremonies in winters and is also known by the name of White Patrol. All type of patrol uniforms have a closed neck coat. The shoulders are piped and embriodered for the regiments except the armoured guys who wear chain mail on shoulders with rank on it.
  6. Combat Dress :- This is a standard uniform for the field area and the battle. This is a camouflage dress with all the stars which are embriodered and no brass on OG, SD, 6A/B. These ribbons are worn on the special peace events, war and in military exercise with name. In winters , a sweater is added in the same.

Indian Army Uniform on Wednesday

The officers at Army HQ wears non uniform formal wear like shirts and trousers on Wednesday. All these uniforms are base uniform and the accessories are for different regiments/corps vary.

The uniforms requires golden insignia and the standard uniforms are worn for silver insignia. On the ceremonies , a pouch belt is also worn by the soldiers.

Army Uniforms based on the Army regiments

The Rifle regiments (like Rajputana Rifles, Gorkha Rifles) have black color ranks and buttons. All other have JAK Light Infantry, wear brass ones. All regiments/corps have different lanyard (Leaving the exceptions). There are some uniforms which are Dungarees for pilots, air crews and black coloured ones for Armoured guys. The paratroopers wears smocks.

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