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Indian Navy Salaries Per Month for Officers Rank Wise – Nausena Income Per Month @7th Pay Commission Sub Lieutenant Commander Pay.

Indian Navy Per Month Salary Rank Wise for All Posts

If you are here to know about the Salary of the Indian Navy Officers according to their ranks, then you are on the right place. This article is dedicated to the candidates. If you want to become a Navy Officer , then you should know all the details of the Job where you are going to dedicate all your life.

This article will provide you some information about the monthly Salary for the corresponding ranks of commissioned officers.

About Indian Navy

The Indian Navy is the Naval branch of Indian Armed Forces. Indian Navy was formed in 1612 in reign of Chatrapati Shivaji. It was started with aim to protect the sea coast from the British. In 1793, the British rulers have taken its control over the eastern part of India i.e. West bengal. During this period, the Indian Navy was named as Indian Royal Navy. In 1950, when it was renamed by the Indian Government i.e. Indian Navy.

Main Objectives of Indian Navy

The Main Objective of Indian Navy is to secure all the National Maritime Borders & in join efforts of other Armed Forces of the Union. It acts to restrict the entry of unethical people in the sea borders & defeat any border in the interest of India in War & times of Peace.

Indian Navy also organises various joint Military Exercises between nations to improve bilateral relations between nations.

How Much Indian Navy Officer Salry Per Month?

If you are thinking to work with Indian Navy , then you must prepare in a very good manner for it. So let’s start with the salary of commissioned officers

Salary Structure of a Sub Lieutenant Rank in Indian Navy

Sub Lieutenant Rank is the initial post that a new candidate gets after he successfully complete the Prescribed Training in Indian Navy Academies.

  1. The Pay Bay band of Sub Lieutenant comes under Pay Band 3 which ranges between Rs. 15600 – 39100.
  2. The Grade Pay of Sub Lieutenant is Rs. 5400 per month & MSP (Military Service Pay) i.e. Six thousand rupees per month.
  3. After adding all the allowances & payment given to a Indian Navy Lieutenant, he gets a salary of around Rs. 65,000 per month.

Salary Structure of a Lieutenant Rank Officer In Bhartiya Nausena

Lieutenant is the rank which is awarded to the sub Lieutenant in Indian Navy. After completing two years of service in Indian Navy as sub Lieutenant , a person becomes eligible for the post of Lieutenant.

And after two years of service as a Lieutenant , the person become eligible for the Captain.

  • Lieutenant enjoys the Pay Band 3 which lies between 25600 to 39100 which is revised under the 7th Pay Commission.
  • The Grade Pay of Lieutenant is 6100 Rs per month which is 700 greater than sub Lieutenant.
  • The MSP (Military Service Pay) is Rs. 6000 per month.

Salary Structure of a Lieutenant Commander Rank in Indian Navy

The Lieutenant Commander is the next level that is achieved by the sub Lieutenant after he attains the service period of three years in the same Rank.

  1. Lieutenant Commander enjoys the Pay Scale 3 which ranges to 25600 to 39100.
  2. Lieutenant Commander has a Grade Pay of Rs. 6600 per month.
  3. Rs. 6000 is given to the Lieutenant Commander as MSP (Military Service Pay).
  4. On an average after adding all the allowances , a Lieutenant Commander gets One Lakh Rupees per month.

Salary Structure of a Commander Rank Officer In Indian Navy

After Promotion, a Lieutenant Commander has been promoted to the Commander Rank.

  • Commander gets the Pay Band Four & the pay scale ranges from Rs. 47400-77000.
  • Rs. 8000 is given as an allowance for the Officer of Indian Navy.
  • In the total , an Indian Navy Commander gets around 2 Lakh Rupees per month as his salary.

Salary Structure of a Captain Rank In Indian Navy

The Commander get the promotion after the three years of service in Indian Navy as Commander.

  1. The Captain in Indian Navy gets a Pay Band of Rs. 47400-77000 under Pay Band 4.
  2. The Grade Pay of Captain is Rs. 8700 & also gets 6000 Rs. as MSP monthly.
  3. Thus all this adds up & gives a monthly salary of Rs. 2.5 Lakh.

Indian Navy Salary Structure for a Commodore Rank

Commodore ranks is the next rank in which a captain can be promoted to the next Rank. This rank is attained after Promotion from Captain rank.

  • The pay Band or Pay Scale of Commodore is 77400 – 77000 rupees as per the new Seventh Pay Commission.
  • Commodore gets 8900 Rs. as the Grade Pay & Rs. 6,000 as MSP per month added in the salary.
  • The total salary of Indian Navy Commodore is around Rupees three and Half lakh Rupees.

Bhartiya Nausena Salary Structure of a Rear Admiral Rank

The Commodore gets the promotion & get the post of Rear Admiral in Indian Navy.

  1. The Grade pay of Rear Admiral is Rs. 10,000 per month.
  2. The Pay band / Pay Scale of Rear Admiral is 47400 – 77000 rupees.
  3. The payment that a Rear admiral gets after adding all the allowances & the total money that he gets is Rs.  Four Lakh per month.

Salary Structure of a Bhartiya Nausena Vice Admiral Rank

The Pay Band of Vice Admiral is given as.

  • Vice Admiral Rank will get a Pay band of Rupees of 67000 – 79000 rupees.
  • There is no Grade Pay for Vice Admiral. Also MSP is there.
  • But still the salary of Vice Admiral gets a handsome salary of Rs. four and half lakh rupees.

Salary Structure of a Indian Navy Admiral Rank

Admiral is the highest rank of Indian Navy.

  1. The Fixed Pay band of Admiral is given as Rs. Ninety Thousand per month.
  2. There are various allowances that are given to the Admiral of Indian Navy.
  3. The monthly salary of Indian Navy Admiral comes as six to seven lakh Rupees as a monthly income.

These are the Salary details of a Indian Navy Officers, which shows that the Officer cadre of Navy is one of the best career option in India.

And here, we are going to end this informative article now. If you like it, then please do share with your friends so that they can also know more about the salary details of Indian Navy. Your feedback is always welcome.  For more information visit us @


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