Learn basics of Linux hacking for hacking aspirants Part 6

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Learn Linux Network and troubleshooting Commands in Kali For Ex :- PING , TRACEROUTE , NETSTAT , DIG , NSLOOKUP , ROUTE &  HOST Command.
Hello friends, now we have reached to the sixth part of this hacking series. I am sure you must have read all the previous hacking series. I you haven’t then please read all of them carefully. In this article we are going to talk about some Linux networking command.

Linux Networking Command PDF – Network Troubleshooting Commands

Those who have read the previous articles they must be having a good knowledge for working in Linux. This articles is based on some linux networking command. If you are aware of the terms used in networking then it will be very helpful for you. If not , then you should mark the word you don’t know & read about them.
I am going to write some of linux networking command for you. These commands will be helpful for the person who is working a network.

Analysis of Network

The most common command which is used in Networking is ifconfig. In windows there is a command named Ipconfig. But command is way more useful than of window’s.

Syntax : ifconfig

After you type ifconfig & press enter, then all these information will be shown on the screen for a network. You can read about them afterwards.
In the first line it will show you the type of network & Hardware address. Second line will show you the IP address, broadcast address & mask.
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In the next paragraph that will show you the output with a letter lo. This lo means the loop back address or local host address. You can use the Local host address for the testing of web application via this address.

Linux networking command
Linux networking command

Change IP Address

Changing a IP address in a Linux can be done easily. As you know that DHCP protocol is used in the IP Assignment. You need to change the IP especially at the time of hacking. This will be useful to hide your identity in the network, but there are many things by which you can be identified.
To change the IP you can use the command ifconfig in the given format.

ifconfig eth0

To check whether the IP address has changed or not you can use the ifconfig command.The command will show you the new changed IP address of the computer.
Using the same command you can change the net-mask & broadcast address also.

ifconfig eth0 netmask broadcast

DHCP Server

Linus has DHCP server daemon that is called dhcpd. This provides IP address dynamically to every computer. It also creates a log file which contains all the history of the IP address that were assigned to the terminals. This log file is useful after the attack occurred. This will trace the hacker in the network that has attacked in the network.
To get an IP address from a DHCP server, use dhclient command to get an IP address in the network.


As you will type the command dhclient, you will be able to see some text on the terminal. It will request an Ip from it’s NIC (Network Interface Card). An IP will be allotted to the computer via DHCP server.
After the IP address is assigned to the computer. You see the IP address via ifconfig command.


DNS stands for Domain Name Services. This is a service which converts the name of a website to the corresponding IP address. IF this service do not work , then we have to remember the IP address of every website which we want to access.
Now there is one more useful command for the hacking aspirants . Command dig can be used by the user to get all the information about a website. This command is same as nslookup in Windows, this command is very powerful than nslookup. Every command in Linux is way too more than a Windows command. I have repeated this many times.

dig technicalbud.com

By using mx with the command , you can also know about the email servers of a website.The most common server used in the Linux is BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain).
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