Parrot Linux OS 3.6, Parrot AIR released – Parrot OS 3.6 Lite version , Parrot OS 3.6 Studio Edition

So finally the latest version of Parrot OS i.e. Parrot 3.6 has been released for the users. FrozenBox has released the new Parrot security OS which is based on Linux 4.9 Kernel.
We have written two more article on Parrot Linux, please consider them if you are li’l new to it.

Parrot OS 3.6 – New Alternative to Kali Linux 2017.1

The new version of Parrot OS is more focused on user experience and working environment. Now low memory computers can also use the new Parrot OS 3.6.
As the new version is based on Linux kernel 4.9.13 and Debian GNU / Linux 9 Stretch. Parrot Linux 3.6 is the new alternative of Kali Linux 2017.1.

Parrot 3.6 with better less memory usage & reliable for users.

The developer team of Parrot 3.8  has mentioned the changes in their official blog. According to them, this version is not about the new features & functionalities but this version is made to make the environment more better , reliable & less memory hungry. This has been done by by applying many minor fixes to our build platforms & packages, also tuning the start-up daemons management system. As a result Parrot 3.6 lite version can be used with just 200 MB RAM.

Parrot Linux OS 3.6, Parrot AIR , Parrot OS 3.6 Lite version , Parrot OS 3.6 Studio Edition
Parrot Linux OS 3.6, Parrot AIR , Parrot OS 3.6 Lite version , Parrot OS 3.6 Studio Edition

Parrot 3.6 Anonsurf improvement

Improvement is made to Anonsurf, now the anonymity & privacy is more reliable & well tested. Now the previous versions of Anonsurf which shows some worst nightmares to the users are past stories now.

Parrot AIR
Parrot AIR

Parrot OS 3.6 Lite version & Parrot OS 3.6 Studio Edition

The developer team of Parrot OS 3.6 has also worked on the Lite & studio Editions. As Parrot Core is not just a good security oriented platform, but is also useful in general purpose derivative projects, and workstations and personal computers. It can now take advantage of light weight Debian systems.

Parrot AIR

There is also a new version of Parrot OS i.e. Parrot AIR. Parrot AIR is very similar to Parrot Full version but the only difference is that is is only AIR version is integrated with the tools that are dedicated to the wireless testing.

Parrot AIR developed for AIRBUD

It is developed for the AIRBUD board which is a powerful blend of  wireless station & x86 embedded computer. AIRBUD is developed by Alftel. Parrot AIR is a very nice choice for pen testing boards & it can be used on a PC like the Parrot x86 edition.
The Mirror Dierctor is also improved  for faster downloads & updates. There are many new universities & companies who have recently joined Parrot Servers network.
With the joint effort of these security companies, they have worked on the side projects related to loT, Automotive securities.

Parrot Support for PineBook

Soon there will be a support for the new PineBook which is a cheap laptop build on arm64 SoC of the Pine64.
Parrot Linux v3.5 has released a new update with some new toll in the newer version. This article will give you a small introduction for it.

Download Parrot Linux v3.5 –  Parrot OS review

There are many Linux distribution that are used by users , testers & hackers too. Parrot Linux is one of them widely used by all testers & hackers. This Linux distribution is a very popular OS among hackers & testers.
Now the Parrot OS has been updated with a newer & improved version. Parrot Linux v3.5 has bring some new hacking tools with it. Some of them are Cryptkeeper & Kernel. Linux kernel 4.9.13 is used in Parrot Linux v3.5 that is the newest version.
This updated version is released after two months as said by the Company officials. They have spent more time time in testing it with debian products. Some of the old features are dropped & some new features were introduced in Parrot Linux v3.5.

Parrot Linux v3.5
Parrot Linux v3.5

The official website has told that they are witing for the newer version of debian kernel so that they could work on it & improve the product. The Parrot 3.5 still supports VMWare & Virtual Box as in the previous versions.

Features of Parrot Linux v3.5

Parrot Linux is one of the popular Linux OS used by Hackers & penetration testers. The update must be better than the previous versions

Parrot OS version 3.5 features – Parrot OS Tools

  • It has out of the box printing support i.e. CUPS (Common Unix Printing System)  called drivers.
  • Cinnamon environment experiment support.
  • ZuluMount mount utility.
  • Sirikali that is used to mange folders & file with encryption.
  • Hacking tools are included again from the previous version to newer.
  • Mozilla Firefox with security fix plugins is introduced.

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