Samsung Released Linux based Tizen 4.0 – Tizen Developer Conference Open Source Operating System by Samsung Electronics

Samsung has released a new Linux based Operating system. This OS is a open source System software. The main reason for the release of this OS is to spread the power of Linux OS & bridge the gap of High end & low end devices. With Tizen , more focus is given to the loT applications.

Samsung Released Linux based Tizen 4.0 @ Tizen Developer Conference

With the release of Tizen 4.0, new Z4 smartphone and ARTIK 053 IoT chipset are also released. The release of Tizen 4.0 was organised at Tizen Developer Conference (TDC). The Korean tech firm has shown the new version of Linux based operating system. Samsung also told that the OS Tizen 4.0 will be soon widely used in the various types of devices in the world.
The first version of Tizen was released in 2012 at TDC. After 5 years, the OS has shown its presence in almost all Samsung Phones. As Tizen is available to Smartphones & Televisions, now Samsung has planned to integrate Tizen 4.0 in the other household items & other loT devices. The household devices like thermostats, scales, bulbs, and more will be soon seen to be controlled by Tizen OS.This will be done via Tizen Real Time (RT).

 Tizen 4.0 @ Tizen Developer Conference
Tizen 4.0 @ Tizen Developer Conference


Samsung Microsoft Collaboration – Tizen Application using C# using .NET & Xamarin framework

There is also a news which comes into focus that Samsung has collaborated with Microsoft. With the joint efforts of Microsoft & Samsung developers will be able to develop Tizen applications with the popular programming languages. Specifically we are talking about C# using .NET & Xamarin framework.
To expand Tizen environment, Samsung is growing forward with Samsung ARTIK, Broadlink, Commax, and Gympse.

  1. Samsung ARTIK and Broadlink in China
  2. Smart home device manufacturer Commax in Korea
  3. Location based service provider Glympse in the U.S.

Samsung Z4 smartphone for Social Media users –

Samsung also Released a new phone named Samsung Z4 smartphone. This phone has a front &rear camera which optimised for social media. Another release is new ARTIK 053 module, a lightweight IoT chipset. The new Z4 smartphone will be released on May 19 with other countries afterwards.

Samsung Z4 smartphone
Samsung Z4 smartphone

According to Samsung , Tizen is one of the most successful Linux based embedded OS. The use of loT & wearable has shown more uses of Tizen. Tizen has overtook the Android wear smartwatch market share.

Tizen RT component – ARTIK 053 module

The first Tizen RT component is also announced by Samsung which includes the new ARTIK 053 module, a lightweight IoT chipset with integrated real-time processing. ARTIK 053 provides “high performance & hardened security for next generation products like connected home appliances, building products, health care devices, and industrial automation”.

ARTIK 053 module
ARTIK 053 module


This will also help in reducing the development of 320MHz ARM Cortex R4 core with 1.4 MB RAM and 8 MB Flash storage, complete with a pre-certified Wi-Fi radio.

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