Top Ten Softwares that can be used to make Pen Drive Bootable

You must have used the Bootable USB to install the Operating System in your Computer. We are going to tell you about pen drive bootable software which can be used by anyone to create a bootable USB device to install OS.
In 2017, the method of installing OS in computers has become very different & less time-consuming.

Some previous years ago, this process was done by CD & DVDs. As the CD & DVDs have become old fashioned, now flash drives has taken their place. Even some of us uses micro SD card for the installation. You can still use the DVD for it, but in terms of speed & time they have become old.

How To Install Windows by Pen Drive – Boot via Flash Storage

If your work is mainly based on maintenance then you have to install windows multiple times. You can’t carry DVD all the time. You must use the Pen drive for it.

Top Ten Pen Drive Bootable Software

Here is the list of pen drive bootable software which are used to make Bootable pen drive

Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

This is the product of Microsoft. By this you can install any version of Windows in the computer. The machine cannot directly install windows via ISO file. The ISO file needs to get converted to the pen drive. This task is done by this software.

Download from here Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool.


This is an alternative of the Microsoft Windows 7 USB Tool. This is used to install windows. A very good feature of this software is that it supports NTFS file system.

Download from here WiNToBootic.


This software can be used to install any type of software in the Computer. This is a very interactive graphics for the user. You can use this for some more tasks.

Download WinToFlash.

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This is one of the most used software for installing OS . This is used to install any type of software like Windows, Linux, or Mac OS. You just need to download the ISO file, select the pen drive location & create a bootable pen drive that can be used to install the OS.

Download UNetbootin.

Universal USB Installer

This software has some amazing features like processing speed & one page wizard to create bootable pen drive in a few minutes for the user.

Download Universal USB Installer.


With this software you can easily make two windows image in a single pen drive. It can store two OS at same time. With this you can install any of those OS in the machine. You don’t need to make your pen drive bootable for every other OS.

Download WinSetupFromUSB.


This software has multiple language support. It is a light weight software which can be used by anyone. It provide an emulator also which can let you test the bootable pen drive in system.

Download RMPrepUSB.


This tool let you make bootable USB for any version of Windows or Linux. It does not need to be installed. It detects the pen drive after it is plugged in & install the OS in it.

Download Rufus.

Windows Bootable Image Creator

With this software you can create a bootable pen drive with CD or DVD also. This provides you a simple interface to make it easy to use for everyone.
Download Windows Bootable Image Creator.


Xboot is software that comes with the Package of image creator and Bootable USB Maker. This software can be used to create multiple OS pen drive & software back tool.

Download Xboot.

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All of the ten software which are used to create a bootable USB is written below. You can use any of them as per your need. If you like the article please let us know in the comment box.


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