Python Programming Tutorial for Beginners: Learn Python in 15 Days

Learn Python Programming Tutorial online Freemium course with us for more for an absolute beginner. Check more details here.

What is Python?

Python was created by Guido Rossum in 1989. After 1989, Python was used in various software development branches. Many big companies are using python in small as well as scientific applications.

Small companies like BitTorrent & giants like YouTube & NASA are using the same language for their work. So it is clear that Python has limitless applications.

Most Popular Uses of Python

  • Web Development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • NLP

So here we are providing you a Basic Python Course for beginners.

Basic Python Course for beginners

Before you begin with Python mainstream programming, you have to learn about the basics of python. Learning the basics helps us in various ways. Even, if you are familiar with various other languages, you have to learn the basics to enter into python programming.

We have divided this Python course into 13 lessons. This course will be taught by various python experts. They are working on various advance projects of python.

The first three lessons are taught for free and the remaining will be taught after payment. So if you want to learn python basics, this is a good chance to learn.

You will also get a chance to work on various projects with us to get more understanding. Here are the details of the Python Course.

Lesson 1

  • Constants
  • Numeric Variables
  • Print statement
  • Basic Math Expressions
  • Numeric operators

Lesson 2

  • Strings
  • if statement
  • Comparison of numbers and strings
  • String functions(int(), str(), indexing with [])
  • String operators(+, *)
  • Taking input

Lesson 3

  • String slicing, lower(), upper()
  • Float, Boolean
  • Boolean expressions
  • For loop

Lesson 4

  • Lists, indexing, slicing, reverse
  • Tuples, indexing, slicing
  • Operations on lists(+, append, remove)
  • while loop

Lesson 5

  • importing modules
  • Using functions from Maths module(sqrt, pow)
  • String splitting, joining
  • ternary expression
  • Functions

Lesson 6

  • Modules, and main
  • Function data type
  • Dictionaries
  • Dictionary indexing
  • lambda

Lesson 7

  • Implementing our own map function
  • Implementing our own fold
  • List comprehension

Lesson 8

  • Implementing our own filter function
  • Dictionary comprehension
  • File I/O

Lesson 9

  • Object-Oriented Programming Introduction
  • Namespace pollution problems
  • Basic class

Lesson 10

  • Inheritance
  • Overloading
  • Special methods

Lesson 11

  • Real-life usage of Object-Oriented Programming
  • Introduction to functional concepts

Lesson 12 (Optional)

  • Functional thinking
  • Implementing methods using recursion

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