What to do after you have been Hacked – 10 tips to Minimise a hacking attack

Here I am going to tell you some tricks which will provide you the tips which will let to minimise the losses after you have been hacked. So here we have 10 tips that can tell you to minimise a hacking attack.

10 Tips to Minimise the loss after Hacking attack

So here we are going to tell you some tips to defeat the effects of hacking. The digital age is a boon to all of us, but there are some bad sides of it. Phishing, ransomware & some other hack techniques are no common in the world of hacking & many of us becomes victim of these. There are daily data breaches happen & new malware comes in the world.
If you found that your system is hacked & your system is vulnerable then you should be focusing on how to minimise the loss & securing the system. Afterwards you can think about the other things.

10 tips to Minimise a hacking attack
10 tips to Minimise a hacking attack

What to After you have been Hacked

These tips are as follows.

Stay Calm , there is nothing permanent & focus on solutions

If your system is breached then it is not dangerous always. First sit quietly & think about the online security measures that you were taken earlier.

Change all the passwords & defeat the attacks

The first step after the attack is that you need to reset all the passwords. Use all the new & strong passwords that are better than those which were used earlier.Create your password using the combination of uppercase, lower case & special characters.
Do not use any old password or any combination of your personal information in your password. Sometimes we use a password which is close to previous one sub-consciously.

Check your financial Accounts & change them

Check all your financial accounts & check all the recent & previous activities for any suspicious activity. After this check all the related account & other information like mailing address & credit cards of the accounts.
Take a new credit card & cancel the previous one for the safety.

All the connected accounts create a chain of destruction

Many of us having multiple e-mail accounts that are used for each other’s verification process. Same process is applied for Bank accounts too. So you should scan all the accounts & change the passwords of all accounts.

De-authorise all connected apps

There may be many apps that are connected to your email account or Facebook account. De-authorise all the apps & leave them for a while. You have to reauthorise all the apps again but this will not left any loophole in your security.

What to do after you have been Hacked
What to do after you have been Hacked

Use Two-way Authentication for all the accounts

If you haven’t used the two way authentication for your apps then you increase the security of your account many times. Do not under-estimate the usage of two way authentication.

Recover your Accounts

All the major companies like Hotmail, Google & Facebook provides a guide to recover your account. Please check the guidelines to get your account back after you loose your account.

Outdated Security in your PC & Phones

If you run your PC & phone with older versions of OS and security updates, then the chances of being hacked increases. Hackers generally target a victim after they observe that they do not have the security updates in their devices.
Always make an habit to check the latest updates & download them.

Scan your devices for malware

Use a good anti-malware tool for the malware that left traces in your device. Download a good anti-virus & buy the payed version. The payed version will provide you better security than a free version. There re so many anti-virus available for windows users.
Always update your anti-virus every week. If your anti-virus is not updated on regular basis then there is no use of it.

Spread Awareness – If you are hacked you can prevent others

As you go through the painful situations of being hacked , you can spread the security tips with your friends & family so that they can prevent themselves from being hacked.
Awareness is power & this will lead to crime free society.
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