How to remove YouTube Ads while watching videos

This article is based on a simple trouble while watching YouTube Videos. You will know how to remove YouTube ads while watching videos on YouTube.

Remove YouTube Ads while watching videos

This happens many times when we are watching a video on YouTube & some worst ad comes in between & annoys us. This article will provide you a simple way to remove the ads from the video.
YouTube is all about watching video & monetizing them. There are many times when watching the same ad annoys you so much that the pleasure of watching the video is gone. Sometimes the ads comes in between the video so many ties that the buffered content of the particular video is flushed out & the annoying ad comes in between.

 remove YouTube Ads
remove YouTube Ads

If you follow some of the instructions written in this article you turn off the ads & enjoy YouTube without those ads. This can be easily by doing this simple trick.
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Steps to remove YouTube Ads while watching videos

  • While you were watching the video, an ad comes in between the video. This is the times when you can remove the ads from your upcoming videos.
  • First click on the video to pause it, then you will see a link above the play button of your video.
  • Click on the icon which looks like i, it will show you a small window.
  • In this window, click on Ads setting a window will open & here you can customize your ads settings.
  • Here you can see two settings which can control your ads display i.e. Ads personalization & Interest based ads.
  • First option is Ads personalization which can be turned off, but I don’t recommend you to turn it off. Because if you do this then no ads will be displayed on your YouTube.
  • Second one is Interest based ads, there are many types of ads that are shown to you. If you want to remove some types of ads you can remove them from your interest list. Now your ads will only be based on the interest list which is left there.
  • After the settings are saved, your ads will be shown less than before.

This technique works for few months, as the topics you are searching in google will let them create a database for your interest list again.

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