Social Engineering : Types of Social Engineering attacks

Many people who tries to hack digital information from a person’s account. This can be done by Social engineering too. This technique includes manipulation of a person’s psychological condition to convince him as you like. At last, the person is convinced by the attacker to leak his information.
Social Engineering is one of the popular terms that are used in the Hacking world. This technique is not based on coding. This techniques is based on person’s mind to let him convince working for the benefit of Attacker. There are many methods based on social behavior of the person that let the attacker to fulfill his goal for money or anything else.

Social Engineering

Sometimes people get a call to disclose the card details of bank account by taking you in confidence. They can also fear you for blocking the card if you don’t follow their commands. These people are social engineers.
This just an example, social engineering is done for many things like money, information or revenge.
A very common example is when you are logged to your account, your friend sitting next to you has seen your password by focusing on the keyboard is a social engineer.

Types of Social Engineering

There are many types of Social Engineering. This can be done in any form like pen drive, e-mail or any other way.


This attack includes a clone website of a reputed company & tends to open the website on victim’s computer by sending link to him. The victim who don’t know about the process & enters all the secret information in the website & gets hacked.
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Spear Phishing

This is a specialized form of attack where the attacker focuses on the degree of unique users in the network. They generally send the link via e-mails. This technique requires more hard work than phishing.


This is one that was used in old times but still preferred by many. In this the social engineer recreates the IVR system of a company & attach it to a toll free number. Then they call the people & ask to provide their details on the call. Many people reveal their details very easily to anyone.

Social Engineering : Types of Social Engineering attacks
Social Engineering : Types of Social Engineering attacks


In this process a fake e-mail Id of your friend is made or the real E-mail Id is hacked. This e-mial Id will be used by the person to text the person to ask for money or anything else. The mail is send in such a proper manner that many people before confirming it from the sender & sends the money to the specified account number.


In this process, hacker throw a pen drive in the public place & waits until someone picks it up & insert it in their device. After the USB is inserted the malware activates itself & run its destruction program. In other way, there are some links which are placed in a website & the hacker waits until someone clicks it. After he clicks, the redirect links download a ransomware on the device.


This technique includes a person who is an authorized to the server room. The person is given some money to do some illegal work & achieve the goal.

Quid pro quo

The hacker acts as a technical support form the company & asks for the information to help him or solve some technical issue until the required information is taken.
There are many other techniques that are still unknown to us. You must be aware while exchanging any sensitive information to anyone who tries to fool you.
You must take the help of cyber cell if you find any such activity on your computer or on phone calls.
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