How to report for the suicidal posts of anyone on Facebook

Facebook has given many features that many of us still don’t know about. There are many features in Facebook which improved its quality. Here I am going to tell you what you can do for a person who has suicidal tendencies on him. You can report suicidal facebook status.
If you don’t know about Suicidal tendencies then I will provide a little introduction about it. This is a mental disease where a person always depressed & think about suicide. Many times they think about the killing themselves & attempt to do this.

How to report Suicidal Facebook Status

Facebook has given a feature for those people who updates such suicidal posts on their Facebook status.
If you want a status that is similar to some depressing state, then you can report for this to Facebook. This steps made by you will help your friend in saving his / her life.
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To do this you need to follow these steps.

  1. As soon as you saw a post, click on the arrow in the right corner of status.
  2. Now click on “I don’t like this post”.
  3. A small windows will open & ask for the various reasons of your selection.
  4. Select “I think it shouldn’t be on Facebook” from the given four options & click on continue.
  5. Now select “It’s hurtful, threatening or suicidal” and continue.
  6. Then select “I think they might hurt themselves.”
  7. As Facebook no knows the severity of this post, it will suggest you with some methods to help your friend.
  8. As four options are seen here, you will some more or less options according to your location.
  9. Select any of these options so that you can help the person concerned.

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