How to find your lost Android Phone in 2017

This blog is dedicated to many problems & tech hacks that are used in daily life & some tech geeks. Here we will try to explain how you can find lost android phone.

How to find Lost Android Phone

Anyone gets panic if someone lost their phone. The frequently done thing is ringing the phone but this does not works if the phone is in vibrate mode.
Here I am going to describe some methods to find out your lost Android Phone.

Find Lost Android Phone
Find Lost Android Phone

Steps to Lost Android Phone

To track your lost phone , you can use Android Device manager. Follow the given steps to know more.
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  • Open your Desktop browser & follow the link here.
  • Login to your Gmail Account which is used in your lost phone.
  • After login, You device name & last login date will be shown. Three options will be shown to you i.e. Ring, Lock and Erase.
  • Click on Ring, so that your phone can ring for 5 minutes in the loudest volume. The phone will ring in silent mode too.
  • You can lock your phone with a password & display a number to call on. If someone finds your phone , he will see a contact number which will help you get back the phone.
  • If the location service of your phone was on then you can get the exact location of your phone, shown on the right side of phone.
  • You can also use the erase option. This will activate the factory reset on your phone. All the data will be erased form your phone. When the device will be on-line the factory reset function will be enabled.

You can also get this lost phone window if you type “Where’s my phone” on Google. The same window will be opened in your computer.
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