RHEL 6.9 the last version of RHEL family is released on 20th march 2017

RHEL has released the last version i.e. RHEL 6.9. Red hat series has now come to an end where the last version has released. This version comes with updated TLS 1.2 and better support for PCI-DSS standard. The updated version has made easier to port RHEL 6 workloads to container-based application. Now you can use them on other platforms too.

RHEL 6.9

Red Hat is one of the leading open source software providers to the world. RHEL is a community who that provides reliable and high-performing cloud, Linux, middleware, storage and virtualization technologies. They also provides support & training for operating their products. Here we are talking about the new version of RHEL 6.9 which is also the last instalment of RHEL.
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RHEL 6.9 is available for its users. On 20th march 2017, Red Hat has announced the release of their last version of RHEL 6 family. RHEL was more popular in enterprises. The second phase of RHEL 6’s development cycle has ended now.
As phase 2 is finished Red Hat 6 will receive only security updates till 2020. Now in the phase RHEL will focus on the development of RHEL 7 platform. A version of RHEL 7 that is 7.3 was released last year.

RHEL 6.9
RHEL 6.9

The recent updates that are included in RHEL 6.9 is TLS 1.2 protocol which strengthen communication security. Enhanced support for PCI-DSS standard is also given which is used for secure online transaction for money in terms of Visa & Master Card. The retail firms who uses RHEL 6 will be get more security than before.

Features of RHEL 6.9

RHEL 6.9 is now compatible with modern applications which are working with cloud storage. RHEL provides a easier method for a application to move from a workloads into container-based applications. Applications can now easily deployed in RHEL Atomic Host, RHEL 7, and the Open Shift Container Platform.
Jim Totton the vice president and general manager of RedHat said during the release. “For more than six years, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 has provided enterprise IT with a more secure, stable and reliable platform for mission-critical workloads, from financial systems to national security applications. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 shows our continued commitment to providing a solid backbone for production deployments, adding security and stability enhancements and an updated container base image to address a variety of vital business IT needs.”
All these service & features which are discussed here are only available to RHEL subscribers. Those who would like to update the system can do it as a free subscription.
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