Things you need to know about the Developer preview of Android O

Google has released the Developer preview of Android 8.0 OS, code named android O developer preview.  Many new features like picture-in-picture mode, notification channels, background limits to improve battery life are introduced in developer preview. You can download this version & run on some selected phones.

Android O Developer Preview

Google has started the release the android O developer preview. Google I/O are not used for this developer preview.
This post will provide you some of those features which are available with the developer preview.
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More power over Notifications

Notifications are more widely classified by this version. You can now separate the notification on the basis of their channels i.e. from which app it is coming.
You can now block or customize a notification. Yu can set a sound, lights, importance. The notification of a channel will behave same way as done. A developer has to create on or more channel so that the setting could work.

Battery life

Google always tries to improve the battery life of the devices where the OS runs. Earlier, Chrome was optimized for better battery performance.
Now there will be limitation for every app who tries to use resources in the background. Now developers need to optimize their apps fpr resource allocation in the background. This will improve battery performance of your device.

Icons Appearance

The appearance of icons can also be changed by the OS. Many times, it happens that the icons look a little odd in the interface. There will be a adaptive icon feature where it will adapt a new look according to the interface.
This is done by a mask which is set by the developer. Using the mask, an icon can change its appearance in terms of colour or shape.


Many times you need to enter the information again & again. Information like login id & password is to be entered repeatedly. Many of us uses autofill aps for the same. Now you don’t need to, autofill feature will handle this in behalf of you.

Picture in Picture (PiP)

This feature was launched in Nougat but only limited to Android TV. Now you can watch a video while doing some other job on the phone. You can send screens to a remote device. We still have some doubts about its working until it comes online.

Android O Developer Preview
Android O Developer Preview

Sound Quality

A new AAudio API is added in Android A which let the apps to output high-performance low-latency audio.  LDAC, a Bluetooth audio codec are also supported for the better voice quality.

Ways to connect

The Wi-Fi Aware feature allows the phones to connect with each other & exchange data without having an access point.
Now your app is able to contact other devices like car head units. These apps have same functionality like the calling app.

What’s new

Apps can now display wide-colour gamut on devices with capable displays. This functionality is for developers to use optional multiprocess WebView mode.

How to download Android O Developer Preview

This is a preview for the developers which will let you use a limited features of this OS. You can download the OS & examine it for a while. It will take few months in the release. Android O has to be released later this year.
You can download the android O developer preview from the given link.
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You can download the preview & tell us in the comments about how it is. Please give us your precious feedback for this post. Thank You.

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