How to Stop Strangers from Sending Friend request to you Facebook Account

Facebook is a place where we met many people we could not see from years & get in touch with them on Facebook. Facebook is a place where people of every type can be found. One of those categories is stalkers on Facebook.

Stop Receiving Friend Request from Strangers

The most annoying activities are faced by females where they multiple friend requests from unknown people which they don’t know in real life. It is like you are seeing your Facebook on the weekend & you saw hundreds of friend request where you have to spend your time finding your real friends.

Stop Strangers from messaging on Facebook

So here I am going to tell you tell a method by which you can restrict people from sending friend requests to you.

Friend Request from Strangers
Friend Request from Strangers

How to Stop Receiving Friend Request from Strangers

  • Login to your Facebook & open Settings.
  • After settings is opened , click on privacy tab.
  • In the privacy tab, you will see “Who can contact me” . Now click on ” Who can send you friend requests.”. Change the settings to Friends of Friends.
  • Now you will not receive friend requests from any stranger. But only people who know you will be able to send you Friend requests.
  • Now you do not need to check whether these people know you or not.

What to do for your Child if you are a Parent

If your child is spending too much time on Facebook & adding all the people he do not know in real life then you need to do some things for him.

  1. Talk to him & tell him that using too much Facebook will not give him anything. If he/ she will accept the friend request of stranger then she could be a victim Online abuse, stalking & other problems.
  2. if you find a profile that is stalking your child on Facebook, then you will be reporting it on Facebook. Click on the upper right corner of that profile & click on report on Profile.
  3. Convince your child to use Facebook in your presence. Tell her you won’t check her private messages but will scan all the Facebook friends she added in her profile. May your child accept your proposal & let you help her.
  4. If she does not agrees with you, still there is a way. Go to Safetyweb & create a account in it. Request your child’s profile’s report. SafetyWeb is the best online reputation and privacy management site. It will provide all the information of a profile that is on Internet. You can buy a $10 per month subscription to use this service.

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