How to disable windows 10 update permanently using Command Line

Microsoft’s recent operating system window is a good one. You must have seen the irritating feature of the Window update. We will provide you some commands by which you will be able to stop your windows to get those update features. It will stop the window 10 to download the updates & waste your internet data in downloading them. While you can enable them whenever you want.

Disable windows 10 update permanently

There are many useful features in window 10, but there is one feature which is not good. Talking about the window update, users are complaining that the windows update is forcing the computer to download the updates from official website of window.
There are many other methods explained for the same task but my personal favourite is by using command mode.

Stop Window Auto Update using Command Mode –

If you use these three commands then you will be able to get the control of the automatic window update. First of all , open the DOS command window using administrative privileges. It it will ask for User Account Control prompt,then click on yes. After this type the commands written below sequentially.

  1. net stop wuauserv :- It will stop window update service.
  2. net stop bits :- This will stop background intelligent transfer service.
  3. net stop dosvc :-  Stops delivery optimization service.
Window Update
Window Update

Enable again Window Update

  1. net start wuauserc :- starts window update service. 
  2. net start bits :- starts background intelligent transfer service.
  3. net start dosvc :- starts delivery optimization service.

This method will not pause the update process but will disable it. As Microsoft has not provided any standard way to pause the update service. The update service is a big problem for the window users who use internet of capping nature. Their data is wasted in the update service which they actually don’t want. There are many other methods which can be used to disable the window update.

Some of those methods to disable Window update are listed below.

  1. Stopping the Windows 10 update service from the startup
  2. Windows 10 Home patch
  3. Marking the Wi-Fi as metered
  4. Changes in the Group Policy Editor
  5. Disabling specific updates

In my opinion the method I told you just using command line is far better in any of those. If you have any other method or you want to give any opinion for the same then you can comment in comment box.

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