Deepin 15.5 Released with so many new features – Check the new Features of Deepin 15.5

After a long time , Deepin has released a new version of their Operating system for the users. The Deepin developers have taken more six months to release the new version.

As we know that there are many other Linux Distros which have some special features in them. Deepin Linux is famous for it attractive desktop for the enthusiasts. Due to this , it has created a special place in the Distros.

Deepin Linux Minimum Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

  • Intel Pentium IV 2.0GHz CPU,
  • 1GB RAM,
  • 10GB Hard Drive.

Recommended System Requirements

  1. Intel Core 2 2.0Ghz CPU,
  2. 2GB RAM,
  3. 20 GB Hard Drive.
Deepin 15.5 Review & Features
Deepin 15.5 Review & Features

Deepin 15.5 has been released with its new & improved experience for its users.

What’s New in Deepin 15.5 Review & Features

This release has come with full support for HiDPI & checks the correct resolution of HiDPI. This will show you better fonts, icons & overall interface with better graphics.

    Deepin Clone & Deepin Recovery

    Deepin 15.5 comes with pre-installed Deepin Clone & Deepin Recovery which helps to clone , backup & restore your disks. The Recovery feature helps you open your PC in repair mode directly from startup interface, if boot is not doing well.

    Gesture & Fingerprint Support in Deepin 15.5

    There are gesture & fingerprint support for the devices for authentication purpose. The new Wi-Fi Hotspot feature has been introduced with which you can turn your PC into a wireless Router & share the Internet with others.

    Auto Color & temperature adjustment feature is added which save you from visual fatigue & better sleep.

    Updated Applications in Deepin 15.5

    There are so many applications that are updated in the Deepin OS. The list includes

    1. File Manager
    2. Image Viewer
    3. Screenshot
    4. Screen Recorder
    5. Terminal
    6. Movie, etc.

    Some small changes are made to the installer, dock, control center, launcher, etc.

    Download Deepin 15.5

    Download your Favorite new version of Deepin 15.5 from the link given. It available only in 64 bit version.

    Hello friends a good news for my fellow linux users. A new linux distro has come in the market. Deepin development team has released a new version of deepin i.e. deepin 15.4 .deepin 15.4 is powered by kernel 4.9.8 , improvement in installer & many more. You can read some more from below.

    Deepin 15.4 Released – Update Deepin 15.3 to 15.4

    The latest version of deepin has been released by the development team. The deepin 15.4 succeed deepin 15.3. deepin 15.4 was quite popular because of this looks & features when released in September 2015.

    Like the most linux distro, this distro is also developed by chinese community. The main features of 15.4 is elegant looks & kernel 4.9.8.

    This website is mainly dedicated to the linux distro. You can check some articles regarding linux. The following list can be seen by you.

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    Features of deepin OS 15.4

    Control Center : The desktop & control center can be seen with a blur & transparent view with the frequently used icons.

    Kernel 4.9.8 : The use of kernel 4.9.8 provides better hardware support for new devices. The support of new kernel powers the OS to support more devices & platforms.

    deepin 15.4
    deepin 15.4

    Installer Interface :- The installer is now powered by full screen interface, fuzzy background, and QR code to make it more easy to use.

    Window Manager and Gestures : Support for multi-gesture & multiple wallpaper for different work spaces.

    Hot Corner and WPS improvements : The interaction experience includes new desktop corner. MT Extra and weddings symbol are integrated again with the WPS. The hint popup are also removed as before.

    Deepin 15.4 Download

    So if you want to install the deepin 15.4 after reading this then you can jump to this link.

    Deepin 15.4 Torrent

    Download Torrent for Deepin 15.4 from here.

    Deepin 15.4 wallpaper


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