How to tackle USB Device Not recognized error in Windows PC (descriptor request failed)

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In our daily life we use USB drives to transfer data from one device to other. Sometimes the data we transfer is transferred correctly but when we use the USB drive in other computer , then the USB device is not recognized in the device. This error is called USB device not recognized. In this article we are going to tell how you can rectify this error from the windows PC.
If you have ever faced the problem that is mentioned above, than you must have observed that the data is not possible to retrieve again. If you will see this article than you will be able to solve this.
The trick will only work with a pen drive of good condition. If your pen drive is not in working condition then you will not be able to save your data. In other words, if the problem is in windows OS, then it would be cleared. But if the problem is from the side of your pen drive, then it is not solvable.

Manual methods to fix the USB Device Not recognized error

  • Check the power cable :- This one of the basic method to solve the problem . At first you can restart your PC manually. Unless you can unplug & plug the power supply to reset the windows software so as to recognize the USB device.
  • Clean up your RAM :- You must know about the RAM in the CPU . You can just open the CPU & take the RAM out from it. There could be a problem in the RAM. A layer of carbon accumulation could led the it not to work properly. Wipe the RAM with a clean cloth & put it back to its right place. Just by cleaning the RAM can sometimes helps us to remove the BSOD(blue screen of death) error & reset the PC.

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Fix USB Device Not recognized permanently

Those methods explained are a type of Hit & trial method. Means they can work some times, but these are not the root causes of the problems. The next method I am going to explain you is that method which works more than 90% of the computers. That is actually most of the error is due to the drivers which are sometimes missing or sometimes they just need to be updated by the official service website of Microsoft.

USB Device Not recognized
USB Device Not recognized

Steps to fix the error permanently

Now just read all the steps so that you can get the solution, if it still persists.

  1. Press Windows Button + R to open run command.
  2. Now type devmgmt.msc & press enter.
  3. A window named Device Manager will be opened.
  4. Find out the USB Menu & click to open it.
  5. In the USB menu, you can see a option name “Unknown Device”. Right click on it & Select the Update Driver option from it.
  6. Make sure your pen drive which was not recognized must be plugged into it.
  7. You must have an active Internet connection in your computer so that your driver update process can be successfully completed.
  8. Now plug out the USB Device & plug in again.

There is a chance that the USB won’t work this time too. Then you have to click again on the same USB menu & find out the option “Unknown USB Device”. If you see a yellow mark on those option that means the post reset is not done properly. Now you have to right click & click on uninstall.
After this restart your PC & plug in the USB. This will detect the USB Drive.If your USB drive is still not detected than there must be a problem in your USB device.
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