How to Increase Your Internet Speed Using Command Prompt

Increase Internet Speed through Software command in laptop using cmd in Windows
Sometimes we are complaining about the Internet speed. The most common diagnosis for this to restart the computer & router. Now you can do something for your internet with the command prompt. This will increase internet speed in a very fast manner than you think.

CMD Internet Speed Hack –  Speed up Network using cmd ping

The problem with the slow internet is quite a common in India. We sometimes complain to the service provider to solve the problem. If the problem still persists, then you end up changing the service provider. If you read our article, this will be ending with some tricks that can be helpful for you in speeding up your internet connection.

Increase Internet Speed Using Cmd in Windows 10

Ping your Default Gateway

First of all you need to ping your default gateway. If you want to read about ping, as how it really works then click here. Now many of you don’t know about the default gateway of your Internet.
This can be known by triggering the command. i.e.  ipconfig /all. After the command execution you just need to remember the IP address of default gateway. Enter another command which is ping -t <default gateway address>.
After this you will get some header. A header which is called time field will show you the time it take the acknowledgement to receive. If your time field value is lesser than your internet speed is better. In other words, the time field value is inversely proportional to the internet speed.

Increase Internet Speed
Increase Internet Speed

There is a misconception with some people that ping consume the internet bandwidth. This is actually wrong as the ping packets are very small in size that may be of 32 or 48 bytes in size which can not affect the bandwidth of internet.
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IP release and renew

If you are a Wi-Fi user then you could observe a boost up in the internet speed that actually depends on the Wi-Fi signal. But if you are using Internet via LAN , then there will be no change.

Flushdns command to speed internet

Our computer maintains the list of the most visited websites with their names & the relative IP Address. In the advent of time the data becomes useless or the data is outdated. Now you have to flush the DNS resolver cache manually. This will invoke the system to create new entries. ipconfig/flushdns
After the execution of this command you will observe a little slow connection for a while , As it will start searching the new resources for every request. After some requests the speed will be as normal as it should be.

Netsh Command to speed up Internet

  • Type this command in the command prompt i.e. netsh interface tcp show global
  • Observe the output carefully & check the field “Receive Window Autotuning level”. If it is set to normal then it’s ok.
  • Else you can run this command to make it normal. netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal.
  • This command will change the tcp window from disabled or restricted to normal. This change will help the computer to increase Internet speed & download speed.
  • There is one other way to figure out the restriction in Internet speed i.e. netsh interface tcp show heuristics.
  • The output of this command will show either the window scaling heuristics is enabled or disabled.If it is enabled than Microsoft is trying to consume your speed. You can disable it with the command. netsh interface tcp set heuristics disabled.
  • This gonna increase internet speed with respect to before.

As all the steps will be done by you , you can check the speed by running ping with the default gateway. The sudden change in the response time will be observed. You response time will be decreased than it was before.
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    If the server speed of the website you are visiting is particularly slow, that can also affect the website loading and viewing experience. However, if after a quick internet speed test you discover that your download and upload speeds decreased significantly, then you know with confidence that the cause of your internet speed to slow down is coming from your internet service provider.

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