Be Efficient while your Internet is Down by Following these Five amazing Tips

We all feel the time as useless & waste it when our Internet is down. But if we think on the other side, then we can use the same time in other tasks, which we do when we our Internet is working. Don’t you think this will be an inefficient approach for us.
While our Internet is down, we can do so many things which can be done to improve our efficiency. Many of us are Internet Addict, we sit down & do nothing but wait for the Internet until it comes back.
You can do many things while your Internet is Down.

  • Uninstall unused programs.
  • Start Virus Scanning

This article will provide you a small advice on what you can do when you Internet is down.There are five tips which I hope will help you while your Internet is not working & soon you will get some benefit through it.

5 Things to Do When Internet is Not Working or Slow in your PC / laptop
5 Things to Do When Internet is Not Working or Slow in your PC / laptop

5 Things to Do When Internet is Not Working or Slow in your PC / laptop

Play Games and Listen to Music

While your Internet is down, you can play your favorite game but you can only play play offline games. You can also listen to some music that can create a soothing environment for you. This can be relaxing for the person who is a little Internet Addict.

Go for a Walk

You can leave your laptop & go for a small walk where you can leave your Internet bounded life & enjoy the real world. The fresh air will definitely provide you some peace i.e. mentally & physically.

Repair Your Computer

Well , if going to a walk does not find you better , then you can start doing some repair on your PC. You can clean your PC from unused files, Defrag your hard disk for errors, Uninstall unwanted Soft-wares, Delete Unnecessary Files and Folders, Use Registry Software to Analyze and Repair your System Registry.This will help your PC to function better than before & you are not even bore without Internet.

Clean Computer Peripherals

Cleaning is not common in boys zone but in the man’s zone, you can try this . Clean your PC while the Internet has gone. You can take a soft cloth & wipe out the peripherals of your PC. Clean the important parts of your PC like Keyboard, Mouse, CPU Case and other Peripherals which needs dusting.

Spend time with your Family Members:

One of the most important tip which will help you to make better relations with your family. Due to so much Internet , many of us do not talk to them for a long time. While the Internet has gone, the opportunity has come when you can talk to them. Talk to your parents or siblings & know more about them.
These are very small tips which you will like. If you find this article useful, then please comment to let us know , Share with your friends & Family to get some useful information about the same. Thank You.

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