How to know if someone is using my Wi-fi connection – Know Who is on your Wi-fi

If you are having a high speed Internet connection & a Wi-fi router in it , then there are many people who tries to connect to your network by unauthorised means. You may have put a strong password in the network for the authorised access. But still there are some way which somebody can get into your network & use your Wi-fi without your permission.

How to Know Who is on your Wi-fi ?

So here I am going to tell you some ways to restrict the unauthorised access to your wi-fi network. A person can use various combinations of password by which he can grant access to your network.

Why someone steals Wi-Fi ??

Using your Wi-fi can be done for two motives. First he may be using your Internet for some illegal activity & the second one is just using Internet for watching some websites & downloading some files.

How to know if someone is using my Wi-fi connection
How to know if someone is using my Wi-fi connection

The second one is not dangerous but the first one is terrifying. May be he does some illegal activity for harming other people & data breach activities.
But nobody know who does who does what by using your Internet. So you need to protect your Wi-fi Network for your safety.

Who’s On My Wifi – Who is using my Wi-fi Connection

Here we are going to provide you the method to to know if someone is using my Wi-fi connection.
You can download the free version of a program  Who’s On My Wifi . Using this you can know about the unknown connections which are on your Wi-fi Network.
Note :- It requires a Microsoft .Net Framework. The version is not clear. A similar program is also available which is called Wireless Network Watcher by Nirsoft.
As you install the application & open it first time, you will be asked to scan the whole network. The results will show the correct network IP range automatically in the test system & scan whole subset of processes.You can also change the IP range in the preferences. This useful if you are scanning multiple IP ranges.
Every device is named as unknown by default. Click to set your devices as known & save the settings. So after you re-open the program your device do not notify as unknown. To identify all the devices if there are many , you can provide the names to them.
All the devices which are detected in your network will be shown. The Mac Address, last IP address, last computer name, connection status, identification status, and description will be shown to you.

Who’s On My Wifi – Free or Paid Version

The free version do not provide you all the features. If you are willing to buy a paid version then you will be able to get the reports of intrusion & you can block them.

Who’s On My Wifi
Who’s On My Wifi

The next & most important thing is that you must know about the password. Change your password & create a new & strong password for your Network. Check the configuration that the encryption used is a better one or not. Use the best encryption for your network.

Customise Who’s On My Wifi

You can do some custom settings in the preferences. The program scans the selected IP range in 4 minutes by default. You can change it to 2 to 10 minutes.
Some other options that you can use are disable the notification sound, to run network diagnostics, or to define when to check for program updates.
The program is also available for Android & iOS which you can download & install.

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