How to prevent your system from WannaCry Ransomware

Wannacry 2.0 or WannaDecrypt is one of the biggest cyber attack of all times. It is the biggest security attack of all times which has spread to over 150 countries & affected more than 2 lakh computers.

WannaDecryptor  WannaCry  and Wanna Decryptor

The threat may have been minimised if the Windows security patch was downloaded & updated in all the computers. This security update was released in March 2017 but if you haven’t installed it yet then you can still download it & follow the safety majors that are followed to minimise the attack.
Ransomware has raised many problems in the previous years & the present situation has shown their worst threat on all systems. If you stay updated with latest technology updates then you must have heard about WannaCry ransom-ware. This ransomware locks your computer & ask to pay high amount of money for unlocking the data. This has some alias like WannaDecryptor, WannaCry, and Wanna Decryptor.

WannaDecryptor  WannaCry  and Wanna Decryptor
WannaDecryptor WannaCry and Wanna Decryptor

What is WannaCry ransomware?

According to the data statistics more than 150 countries are affected by WannaCry Ransomware which EternalBlue vulnerability & uses phishing e-mails. The flaw was first discovered by NSA & it was made public by SHadowBrokers in the month of April.
After this ransomware activates in your PC, it asks for 300 bitcoins as the ranson to unlock your data.
Microsoft has released a security patch update for the vulnerability in Windows PC. The update was not downloaded by many system administrators which lead thier systems at risk.

A security researcher provides a WannaCry kill switch

On Friday , a security researcher accidentally discovered a kill switch which can stop the ransomware to spread in other places.
This is a good news for us, but as this version will stop spreading , there will be new versions of same software which are remain unpatched.

WannaDecryptor  WannaCry  and Wanna Decryptor
WannaDecryptor WannaCry and Wanna Decryptor

How to Prevent your from WannaCry 2.0 ransomware?

The malware is actually attacking businesses & infecting the whole business network to get the control over the whole company. But it can spread & attack to anyone.

Stay Safe from WannaCry 2.0 ransomware

So we are going to tell you some tips to stay safe.

  • If you are using a Windows computer then you should be reading these steps for precaution.
  • You should be aware about the latest released security updates. If you are using an old version of Windows like (Windows XP, 7 , 8) then you should see this link & download the security updates.
  • The instructions given by Microsoft is asking the users to stay aware while they open a document from a unknown source. Do not click on the non-trusted links on the Internet or download something from the unknown websites.

Microsoft also advice the users to use a good anti-virus software for Windows.
The last thing which you need to know is to create multiple backups of your files regularly. If your PC’s data is encrypted by any ransomware , then you can get your data back.

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