India has now its first 1 Gbps Fiber Broadband connection – ACT Fibernet

A telecommunication company named ACT fibernet has announced the first 1 Gbps broadband service. This company is a Bangalore based Internet company. The network is initiated in Hyderabad & soon will be expanded to other cities.

ACT Fibernet – India’s first Fiber Broadband Network

Last six months of our country has shown huge development in the Internet network. Gone are those days when downloading a video takes minutes, now this happens in second. First reliance Jio has shown his 4G LTE network which provides the access of high speed network.
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Now when the Jio free services are gone , India is going to access the first fibre broadband network in Hyderabad. The network is introduced in Hyderabad but soon it will expand to other cities. The monthly cost of this network is 5,999 R.s.

Ideal Hardware for Using Fiber Network

Not only the network is special but the hardware used for this network is also specified. According to ACT fibernet Intel core I7 processor @ 2.5 Ghz,  8 GB Ram, 64 bit OS and 1Gbps Ethernet port will be ideal hardware to access the network. A CAT6 Ethernet cable is recommended to fully utilize the network efficiency.
However, this fibre network is not the first one that is in India. A few years back Google has tested a fibre network in Kochi city. But this network is launched for the commercial purpose for the public.

ACT Fibernet
ACT Fibernet

If you don’t know then you should know that Reliance is also working on its fibre network. The brand name for Reliance fibre network will be Reliance Jio GigaFiber.
Due to our slow Internet connections that are widely used by the most public, there were many apps popular that uses offline storage for the Smartphone users. There are many thing which stops because of slow Internet. Soon there will be no person without Internet Access.

About ACT Fibernet

I am very happy after reading this news. So is the reason I shared it with you.
A little introduction of this Company will be good for you. ACT fibernet stands for Atria Convergence Technologies. It is headquarter at Bangalore, Karnataka. It was founded in 2000 with 6500 employees working with them. The CEO till present of ACT fibernet is Bala Malladi. The areas of its services expands from southern region (Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu) to Northern region of country like Delhi.
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The service it is providing in this service is for 5,999 R.s. The monthly usage for this network is 1 TB along with some capping. According to the company soon the service will be made available to the other cities according the fibre network expansion.
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  1. savannah
    May 22, 2017

    Soon this will be a revolution in India

  2. techgeek
    May 23, 2017

    INDIA is growing & the internet will help people in IT sector

  3. techeducation
    May 23, 2017

    This is a big step for Indians

  4. sara
    May 25, 2017

    thanks for the lovely information, I live in Bangalore.

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